Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy B-day Boni

One hundred and forty five years ago, one of the Philippines' most well-loved superhero was born. Yep I call him superhero coz he is one of the most revered and idolized, next to Jose Rizal. Well I am not for Bonifacio nor I hate Rizal. I respect both of them and they are really the best in their own fields. Historians and academians are still debating until now, who among the two should be the greatest...I'd say they are both great and the Philippines could still be under an oppressive rule if not for them. I just hope people,esp. the younger generation appreciate their deeds and what they've done for all of us. I am writing this blog because I am a big fan of Boni and my favorite subject is Philippine History. I think this country would be great just like Japan and US, if we all take a look at our history, we pay attention to all the details and learn from all of it. Filipinos as they say have short-term memories, we easily forgive and we tend to forget about what had occurred in our past. Hopefully, each and everyone would be able to look back and take a deeper grasp of our history, live a wonderful and productive present for a brighter future.

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