Monday, November 24, 2008

I wish I was dog

Allow me to indulge in a state of insanity. Yes folks! you just read the title correctly. Indeed,I was hoping that I was a dog,particularly the dog in this picture. He was the dog I met 3 days ago in the beautiful Island of Samal.

When we met this dog, we know he's kinda timid and shy, but he doesn't really mind the attention he is getting at that moment.He is a beach dog anyway(no pun intended),so basically, he is used to people coming in and out of their resort.

Well I just wish that I was as free as this dog. I wish I would be just like him basking under the sun, all day long,enjoying the serene view of the sea, playing in the wide white sand area and just leaving everything behind. I wish I never have to think about work. I wish never have to think about problems. I wish I never have to deal with stress and anxieties...I wish I wouldn't have to think about the depressing global crisis and how would Obama's win would affect the Outsourcing industry in the Philippines...I wish I could just have stayed in this island and just have fun,fun and fun like I've had last weekend...

How I wish I was a dog.

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