Friday, August 14, 2009

Have you received a letter like this?

Dear Friend,

I am William M. wildman global head of offshore banking at Deutsche bank London
branch .I am writing in respect of a foreign customer whose name is Mr.Richard
Burson and his lovely wife Ms.Lenor Burson who died on the 2nd November 1999 in
an Egyptian airline 990 with other passengers on board all passengers
unfortunately lost their lives May their soul rest in perfect peace.

Since the demise of this our customer, I personally has watched with keen
interest to see the next of kin but all has proved abortive as no one has come
to claim his funds of US$10, 500, 000.00 Million U.S dollars. He informed us
that he had a financial portfolio of on his behalf I was the officer assigned to
his case. In Line with instructions, the money was deposited with Barclay's bank
plc. According to practice, Barclay's bank will by the end of this year
broadcast a request for statements of claim to Deutsche Bank, I decided to seek
for whom his name shall be used as the Next of Kin as no one has come up to be
the next of kin. The alternative would be for us to have Barclay's bank with you
as account holder. Upon the receipt of your response, I will send an e-mail the
next step to take. You should not entertain any fear as all modalities for fund
transfer can be finalized within five banking days, after you apply to the bank
as a relation to the deceased. The money will be share at the ratio of 40% for
you 60% for me.

Awaiting your response

Yours Sincerely,
William M. Wildman.

(I have received letters like this, 3 times for the past 10 years...and I have to say, this is a more objective, concise and shorter version...fortunately, it didn't hit me and I still think it's a scam)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Painful Love

There is no greater tragedy
Than loving someone whom you know you can't be with
Like dreaming for reaching the stars
Beyond reach...
Beyond reality...
Just fantasy...nothing else.

How I remorse that burning feeling
Of wanting and not having
How it grips my heart
Barely breathing and too constricting
There is always a question of
"Why not me...why it can't be me"

Your kisses
Your soft caresses
Your warm breath on my cheek
Your sweet remarkable tongue
Haunts me and make me long for you
More...give me more, I beg
But i have to stop...

Sadly, its not for me
Probably its for the best for us
The world may never be truly fair
They may never understand even
But to feel this way
Is truly a gift i would keep
To be madly in love with someone
Would only comes or happens rarely
And would gladly take the full madness of the world
Just to feel this way once
Unimaginable...but true.

From then on I loved walking in the rain
For the rain covers my tears for you
And the world may never see my sadness
Its alright...I am used that way.

(This is a poem I got from one of my officemate - Kelly Martinez and it is written by her friend Luan...The moment I read the poem I fell in love with it, that I have to share it to the world...)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A sure fire song

As I've said before, only this year that I got my eyes set on Sponge Bob, Patrick, Squidword and the rest of the Bikini Bottom peepz.I use to wonder, how come kids and adults alike love Sponge Bob so much. Now that I'm hook, I know for a fact that I am Sponge Bob in so many ways. So persistent, an attention-seeker yet so innocent at heart (aheemmm). I am also keen about music and this song which was featured in their camping episode was something that I haven't seen in any cartoon. It's really a sure-fire, hilarious song that made me and my nieces burst to laughter and made us think how genius the creators are for this cartoon series. I'd like to share the "Camp Fire Song Song", which I truly like and which I hoped you'd get to like as well in time. (I just hated the fact that Youtube uploaders has to speed up or slow down this song due to copyright infringement - duh it's just a song that people should get to enjoy!)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Is this burning?

This is one classic track that I kinda like growing up. Originally by "The Bangles", this version of "Human Nature" is the bomb. The vocals for this version is heartfelt and I wish I could sing this out in one videoke joint sometime. It's one of those songs, whose lyrics ain't really given, like you can always interpret it the way you like and I could say this means a lot to me nowadays. "Do you feel my heart beating? Do you understand? Do you feel the same?", questions that's truly been bugging my mind...I hope this "eternal flame", I'm feelin' won't just slip and fade away and that this flame I'm creating would scorch in and be felt in no time.

Our Supermodel

She's just an ordinary pretty front desk officer,just like what we usually see in offices and hotels. I have to say everyone would agree, that she is that bubbly, happy person who never fail to lighten up our very stressful graveyard shifts. When she's around, you all know that guys in the office will have a very positive outlook at work. She's our ultimate "it girl" and these photos which I just checked on her Facebook account, will tell you that she is not just a pretty face by day, but a stunning delight on the ramp. Presenting our lovely, alluring friend and officemate Lily in one of her glamorous fashion show outing to date. This is so blazing hot! Tyra Banks has to reconsider another job option.

Friday, May 22, 2009

I miss Manila

Exactly a month ago, I was in Manila to attend a Vendor Conference for Local.Com Philippines where our center was recognized as the "Rising Star" awardee and for having the Best QA unit.

Well, to me this conference is really meaningful, for it marked my first time to be in Manila after 14 long years. Many things have changed, but one things for sure I won't trade Davao with Manila. Laid-back Davao is just too beautiful to the ever-congested, heavy-polluted, fast-paced Manila.

But one thing that I would like to have Davao, which Manila has, is the ooohhh-so-yummy and heavenly food. I have to admit, Davao deli is really really boring and as food aficionados describe it - Davao is just all about barbecue, barbecue and more barbecue. No wonder, my dad keeps on complaining about our food here in the South.(My father grew up in Pampanga).

Anyway, here are some of the pics of that delicious meal I've had on the 2nd day of our conference at Astoria. The cheesecake, mashed potato and all the food you see there are oohh-so mouth-watering...I can even taste it still!!! sigh!!!

Hayden, Katrina & Torrent

I'm so proud of myself! I have just downloaded Torrent and Hayden & Katrina's sex video. I did all that by just reading (actually scanning and browsing)some instructions.

Apart from being a tech-junkie, I have always been hesitant to learn something new and the procrastination to follow step-by-step procedures. The "flesh" did not procrastinate this time though, all because the task this time has something to do with flesh too.

Anyway, I have the videos saved and I won't be sharing it. I'll be keeping it to myself.

Well here's my tidbits about this whole sex scandal brouhaha.
1.) Hayden Kho, may have the most innocent face there is on earth, but looks can be deceiving indeed.
2.)Maricar Reyes and not Katrina Halili, should be crowned, the sexiest Pinay alive as of the moment.
3.)We reap what we sow - Katrina fooled around on a guy who is openly attached to someone and Hayden played fire and have it recorded, it boomeranged on him big time!
4.)Hayden, is a perv and so are we(especially those who opened this blog through a search engine link, because they are obviously looking for a Hayden and Katrina vid ;) kidding!)
5.)It's high time to look into this very huge problem of promiscuity among kids of this generation.

Yes! we may have eluded movie producers and would-be sexy starlets (including Katrina) from creating non-sense,soft porn films, but kids today have resorted to something worse - creating their own porn flicks. With the proliferation of camera phones, laptops and digital cams, we have become our very own producers, directors and stars.

So it's not unusual to see scandals all over. The bad thing is that we even have rape and gang rape vids all over the web. This is indeed the worst thing to have happened to technology. The problem is we treat women lowly in these cases. Even blaming the girl for the sad plight that has occurred to her. It's high time our society take these things with maturity. I still have to see the likes of Hayden go to jail for making voyeurism a hobby and promiscuity a habit. I would want to see one day, all the kids who have abused technology in the expense of others behind bars. That would be cool!

Well for now, I'll have to check the Brazilian Model's take on Hayden. Ciao!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This is where I want to build my home...

I have never been interested with houses and lots, mansions, cars or any properties for that matter. I'm fine with what I have and I am very very much contented. Well that's what I thought of, until my friend Evan introduced me to Camella North Point.

When I checked it out, it was exactly the same infrastructure that became my home when I went to Manila last month. I joined a BPO conference and stayed in a condominium in Ortigas for 4 days. I never liked the idea of living in a condo, but staying in a condo itself changed my whole perception about urban living.

The amenities, the fun environs, the safety, the people. It is indeed the type of urban lifestyle that I would love to have. It made me realize how great it is, for my family to be in a place where it is secure, decent and comfy all in one.

Aside from replicating the exact building, Camella North Point, is much much better than it's condo counterparts in Ortigas, because of it's cool topography and extreme accessibility. It is just one ride going to malls, church, airport, public market, hotels, hospitals, restobars, convenience store, coffee shops and the list just goes on and on.

It is perfect because of it's fascinating view of the overpass and it's green environs. I'd say this is the future of Davao. Condominiums at the heart of the city. I just wish I have the means to get a unit and be part of the future.

Well I'm eyeing the condominium near Abreeza. Daydreaming.Sigh...

(pics from

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Open it up

The National Historial Institute's act to punish Martin Nievera because of a decent and astounding performance of Lupang Hinirang during the Pacquiao-Hatton match last Sunday, isn't fair and is one that people should take a look into, closely.

According to Section 37, Chapter 2 of the law - the national anthem should be played or sung in accordance with the musical arrangement and composition of its composer Julian Felipe. If this is the case, then we all have,like Nievera violated the law for the longest time now, since we are not singing this anthem on it's original alegro. This is a march tune, if I could still remember my history class. Why do we sing this song in a middle tempo then? We should all then be fined and imprisoned for one year for singing the anthem incorrectly.

To start with, I am not a fan of Martin Nievera but his rendition last Sunday, reminded me how great and talented Filipinos are. First, we have Pacman as the current pound for pound king of boxing,which is internationally recognized. Second, we have one of the best vocalists in the person of Mr. Nievera. Lastly, the fresh version of the Philippine National Anthem, tells everyone how great artists and songwriters we are to have written should great melody for an anthem which is at par or better yet far more enticing than America's Star Spangled Banner.

I thought all the traditionalists are dead. Or we should kill them and their idea that the song is “untouchable.” Hello!!! It's year 2009, we should welcome changes, especially if this wouldn't hurt us in the process. I think this law should be revisited and ammended.

We should all learn from Mariah Carey's version of Star Spangled Banner. It's heartfelt, it's very Mariah because she placed a twist in it. She whistled all through the top (check it out below). Lupang Hinirang then, should be open to version that would highlight it's richness and sould, like what we heard last Sunday and like what other Americans do with their anthem.

Martin did it his own way, expressing his love through this song. He deserves a standing ovation and a round of applause, not a castigation.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dear God

The good thing about kids is that they don't lie. Normally, they would actually tell you what they want, what they feel and what's on their mind without concealing them or sugar-coating like adults do. Sometimes it's annoying, but oftentimes it's all good and fun. Ever wonder what kids say to God? Here are just some compiled thoughts, which I got from my bulk of mails some years ago. It still is nice to read them and surprisingly the thoughts and insights you get are truly remarkable. Check it out!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

An a o-K Performance

We had a blast 2 weeks ago, watching premiere stand up commedianes Pooh and K Brosas for their 'Laugh Til u Drop' concert here in Davao. We even had a lunch date with the hottest comic artists earlier that day and had a pictorial session with them since our company is one of the major sponsors of the event.

Unfortunately, we failed to get the best seat that night and we forgot to grab with us a video recorder. Good thing though, Youtube is here and it has accounts of my favorite K Brosas comic antic that night. Her interpretation of Regine Velasquez's "Tuwing Umuulan" is one classic act to follow and it had me blown away the first time I've seen it. Check this very funny act, with Ruffa Mae Quinto (one of my faves as well), in this very literal and naughty interpretation of a classic Filipino song. (Warning though - this is not for the conservative and Manoling Morato wannabes)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Let's go algo

Whenever I read former QA colleague Alex's replies on my whines and complaints about life in my facebook and friendster, I would also remember how childish and softy this tough-looking ghetto guy. His fascination with toys, his snore when he sleeps (at the middle of monitoring a very boring call)and that video streaming addiction.

His issues and problems about streaming before was so huge, that I thought of him as Alextream.

Anyway, one of Alex's favorite video streaming activity is viewing this series of Japanese Algorithm dances.

I googled the word Algorithm and it says, it is a specific set of instructions for carrying out a procedure or solving a problem, usually with the requirement that the procedure terminate at some point. Specific algorithms sometimes also go by the name method, procedure, or technique.

I know for a fact that Algorithm is a mathematics term but I didn't know that it could also be used for a dance or in an art form. I guess this video, below (that Alex is so fond of), can explain everything. I guess that specific and calculated steps in this dance makes it very mathematical (if there's such a word). Anyway, hope you enjoy this clip, as much as I and Alex do.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Glam Shoots

I just scanned through Friendster recently and found some glamor shoots of our friend, budding photographer Jus Jugador, this time, with his subject, also a friend Dianne a.k.a Samantha.

I sure loved the lights, the concept and over-all feel of the photo shoot. I so love it, that I'm thinking of ways to persuade Jus to have me as his subject for his next glam pictorials (hehehe...writing this blog is my first move). Check out Dianne, in the lens of Jus, with stylist and make up by Fel-Rey.

Baby Talk

So let's talk about babies. To be honest, I hate babies, kids and children, whatever you call them. I don't have patience with an annoying, spoiled brat kids, especially if they keep on crying, and messing up things. I've babysit before and I still dread those days. So whenever there are kids around, I would just ignore them and pretend that they don't exist. Recently though, my friend Alex who's currently in Dubai, sent us an email containing pics of babies and kids. I have to admit though, they really look cute and as the email subject hopes to attain, it sure brought something to smile about in these very stressful world. Enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Class Picture

I've never had a group class picture in college and high school, that's why whenever I see this picture at work, I kinda regret the fact that I was born too early, when Friendster and Facebook are not yet in. When internet is still a thing from the future and pictures are only placed on photo albums.

I bet I would have so many pics with grade school, high school and college friends now, if only our generation had FS and FB earlier on. I totally envy all the kids today. There's just no reason for me to be so interested with pics and photos then, since it would only end up in one freakin' album, stored in one place and hoped that one day it would have a feet of it's own, so that it could go hop from one place to another and share the beautiful memories and pictures placed in it...

I truly love this pic. It will always remind me, how good 2009 is because I'm surrounded with the most fun group I've had in years. I just feel so lucky to have had the best team at work!

Monday, March 30, 2009

My Latest Addiction

I never really paid attention, when friends told me he's really fun. In fact, I wondered why they like him in the first place. I guess it was the TV reception, or I maybe just too close-minded.

I have one friend who share the same feeling. Sponge Bob doesn't ring a bell, because he doesn't look cute and amusing. I don't like the way he was created, much more when he's inside a toilet bowl (it's just too yucky to handle). The other characters of the show, even looked worst.

But suddenly everything changed. When TV5 started airing episodes of the yellow sink sponge, I became a fan. I got entangled by his charm and that of Patrick. I find it funny how they mess up the lives of Squidword and Mr. Crab. I love thinking about Bikini Bottom, Crabby Patty and the Pineapple house.

It is in fact the only TV show I look forward to each day. Well as what Psychologist have always pointed out, you are actually the close reflection of your favorite cartoon character. That could be the reason why I like Sponge Bob so much, just as much as I loved Tazmania, Bugs Bunny, Garfield and Donald Duck. If you think about it, they all have one thing in common - They are all love chaos yet they are charming at the same time.

Well, I guess that explains why I'm like this. Unfortunately, I also love Happy Tree Friends, which means....hmmmm...I'll think about it yet.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Been mystified...

I can't believe it's been a week since I've gone to it's wonderful beaches...Truly it's untouched, and world-class. It's refined, powder like white sand, is truly captivating...the sites and the scenes are truly remarkable and the memories we've created will truly last a lifetime...Thank you Evan, PJ, and Team Audioslave for making this Waniban, Pujada, Masao, Mati experience one of a kind...and that I'll treasure for life...

And as I touch my sunburned skin, I can still feel the scorching heat of the sun I felt a week ago...I could still hear the "oohhhsss" and the "ahhhsss", as we were all moved by the sites that we see from time to time...I can still feel the cool air and the wind that seem to whisper "come back" and sure "I will!"

I admit I've been mystified and I can't get over Mati and I am missing every single moment of it right now...

(Photos by Ms.Marilou Monreal)

It's 4 real

I use to be so updated with the songs on the radio. I'm so used to being the first in school to be seeing the latest video that premiered on MTV or Myx. These days, with the hectic work schedule, I could not even think of turning on FM or at least take a glimpse of the latest Myx Daily Top 10. I feel so outdated. Anyway, even though I'm not updated, I am happy that I still appreciate latest tracks, or at least tracks that were released months ago. My latest favorite has not been release at all. Maybe that's the reason why I like this so much. I love the lyrics in particular (esp. the watching cartoons part "Lay myself right next to you Fall asleep watching cartoons"- hmmm....I could just imagine US, watching Sponge Bob heheheh)...Here's my favorite song for a month now and it is still eating up my mind from time to time and I just can't stop listening to it...It's 4real4real from Mariah, a bonus track off her last album. Hope you like it!

It's 4 real, 4 real, 4 real It's 4real, 4real
Baby, it's baby It's 4 real, 4 real, 4 real
Baby, it's baby It's 4 real, 4 real, 4 real

Sometimes you be Blowin' my mind
If you were mine I'd take my time With you but
on the low I'm shy though I front like I'm
So next level fly With them other guys

Really I wanna reach out And just touch you
If you could only realize How much I like to
Come knock knockin' At your door Give ol' girl the heave ho
And give a demonstration Of what it's like

When it's 4 real, 4 real 100 percent 4real
Hotter than cable TV Like something Out of your dreams
It's 4 real, 4 real Million percent the deal
So I'll just keep doin' me And eventually you'll see
I'm 4 real, 4 real

Baby, it's baby It's 4 real, 4 real, 4 real
Baby, it's baby It's 4 real, 4 real, 4 real

All my friends say I'm wastin'My time on you
Tryin' to dissuade me With schemes
Wanna make you Less than you seem
But I'm not that one To listen to dumb
Chicks that want to be Where I'm gonna be

Really I wanna reach out And just touch you
If you could only realize How much I'd like to
Lay myself Down next to you
Fall asleep Watching cartoons
And wake you up With somethin' good Cause it's sweet

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Favorite David Moments...

American Idol is here again, and so far I don't have any bet yet.

Anyway, last year's season was one of my favorites and the last two standing were really really outstanding. The two David's deserve their spot in the competition and their current popularity in the real music world.

Among the two, I was more of a Cook fan than an Archuleta fan, although lately Archuleta is growing in me (geezzz).

Well, here are my favorite David performances in last year's AI season.

David Archuleta's rendition of Sweet Caroline is one of the sweetest performances of last year and I really really liked it. As of the moment, it is my current favorite and I have it posted on my FS account.

On the other hand, Cook's version of Mariah Carey's Always be my baby, was the bomb!I remember to have gotten chills in my spine when I've seen that performance. I couldn't believe how great that was. As we all know by now, the song was the Philippines' #1 song for 2008.

Check this one out...let's go down memory lane as we await the new AI for 2009.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Beyonce should read this

A store that sells husbands has just opened in New York City, where a woman may go to choose a husband. Among the instructions at the entrance is a description of how the store operates. You may visit the store ONLY ONCE !

There are six floors and the attributes of the men increase as the shopper ascends the flights. There is, however, a catch . . .. you may choose any man from a particular floor, or you may choose to go up a floor, but you cannot go back down except to exit the building! So, a woman goes to the Husband Store to find a husband . .

On the first floor the sign on the door reads:
Floor 1 - These men have jobs and love the Lord.

The second floor sign reads:
Floor 2 - These men have jobs, love the Lord, and love kids.

The third floor sign reads:
Floor 3 - These men have jobs, love the Lord, love kids, and are extremely good looking.
"Wow," she thinks, but feels compelled to keep going.
She goes to the fourth floor and sign reads:

Floor 4 - These men have jobs, love the Lord, love kids, are drop- dead good looking and help with the housework.
"Oh, mercy me!" she exclaims, "I can hardly stand it!"
Still, she goes to the fifth floor and sign reads:

Floor 5 - These men have jobs, love the Lord, love kids, are drop- dead gorgeous, help with the housework, and have a strong romantic streak.
She is so tempted to stay, but she goes to the sixth floor and the sign reads:

Floor 6 - You are visitor 4,363,012 to this floor. There are no men on
this floor. This floor exists solely as proof that women are impossible to please.
Thank you for shopping at the Husband Store. Watch your step as you exit the building, and have a nice day!

Please ask all men to read this for a good laugh and to all the women who can handle the truth

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Rainbow Connection

My schoolmate in college (Marco Teofilo) took pictures one ordinary day on his way home. He took a cab and catch a glimpse of a rainbow in the beautiful skies of Davao. So he took some shots and shared it to his Facebook friends.

Now I'm sharing his pics of the rainbow he spotted in Matina, Ecoland and Quimpo Boulevard at the first week of March this year (without his permission, nevermind FB is also thinking the same way, with their new provisions). The last time I saw a rainbow was 2 weeks ago, when we visited Toyozu mountain resort. We've seen two rainbows there, and I think rainbows ain't really special in that place because it's a mountain resort and it has gold mines within the vicinity. Of course we all know there's a pot of gold in the area.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Francism Is...

To be honest, I never really liked Francis Magalona. I just think that "Mga Kababayan" is plain "corny". Also, I don't like seeing him with tattoos all over his body. I even think that Kiko and Pia are really weirdo, with the way they act and the way they present themselves in public. They are really far from Kiko's parents, the late actors Pancho Magalona and Tita Duran, who are their generations best and are classic on their own right.

But the last few days, changed my point of view of the "Man From Manila". His death last Friday, brought me into so many realizations about the life of this very artistic and passionate individual.

Now I remembered liking him in Philippine Idol. I truly like the awesome threesome that they are with Ms. Pilita Corales and Mr. C (Ryan Cayabyab). I remembered that I liked his alternative-inspired tracks "Girl be mine" and "Kaleidoscope world" and even had the hoots for his rap tracks "Man from Manila" and "Cold Summer Nights". I also remembered liking his "Royal Tru-Orange" commercial "Ito ang gusto ko!".

I know friends are kinda irritated seeing Francis M. on the boobtube, every now and then. Some even dismissed the Presidential award of merit given to him by Malacanang. But I personally believe (base on the people's account of his life), that Kiko deserve that place in history. As one of the mover and shaker of the Philippine Music Industry. He is indeed the pioneer of Pinoy Rap. The one who instilled Nationalism and Patriotism to a new generation of Filipinos when the 90's decade begun. He is a true legend, The King, and the ultimate "Philippine Idol".

Personally, he inspired me to look at myself and check what I really want in life. Francism, tells me that I have to live a life that is noteworthy and that I should be the best in any endeavor that I take.

Monday, March 2, 2009

I want you to need me

I have to admit.I am not a Celine Dion fan.In fact, there was a time that I abhor her, hate her and so pissed by her songs and voice.

But that all changed with this song. Apparently,I become more tolerant to Celine's squeaky,screechy shrills.

One night, wayback 2001, I was watching my favorite music channel then, waiting for my fave videos when Ms.Dion's "I want you to need me" was played. No choice, I have to watch it and check if I'd be annoyed again.

Ironically, after watching the entirety of the video and listening to the song,loved it in an instant. It was indeed a rare feat for Ms.Dion to win my heart and discriminating taste in music.

From that night until now,I still love this song. I don't know, but I think the message of the song speaks so much of my personality as a whole. I may not admit it,or I may conceal it so many times,but I know,subconsciously I always wanted to be famous.To be loved by everyone.To be everyone's fantasy, their reality. Funny it may sound,but from the first verse to chorus up to the last word of this song,is so "me".

Even Celine's despair and gloomy sound when she sang this song, speaks so much of how I feel, every now and then. Well I guess,I'm just sick or I'm a freako. Or maybe I just need some overwhelming attention.


I have always been a nature lover.I love the sight of green meadows,the chirping birds,the flowers,most especially when it's early in the morning and it rained the night before.It is like heaven on earth. That's what I always look forward to when I was younger.I would stay in our attic then and let time pass watching the trees as they were swayed by the wind.

When I got older.I never paid much attention to the little plants that bloom in our backyard. I guess I was so busy, that I even forgot appreciate the beauty of nature that I so use to love.

This year, my life just got more and more complicated,with the account that our company handled. I actually work in a call center. The account is so toxic that I would pray for the week to end and hope that it's another weekend.

And my weekend wouldn't be complete without going to the most beautiful places within my reach. The last getaway that I've been to is the Toyozu Mountain in Mainit,Nabunturan,Compostela Valley.

There I enjoyed nature once again in it's finest. It healed me in and out. The sight of the lush greenery, the relaxing hot spring and the abundant flora and fauna, has somehow relieve me of the stress and the complications of the real world. There, I become one with nature again, to the feeling of being comforted and nursed.I'm home indeed.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A disturbia

One of the most disturbing pics I've seen in months, is the site of a woman who's allegedly battered down by his fiancee. If you look at it, you'll know how much pain she has to endure and how grave the crime is.

The most disturbing part is that this is a pic of an International Superstar, who's admired by so many teens, so filthy rich - you'll never expect that this would happen to her.

I'm not talking about Tina Turner, or Whitney Houston (but the lady in this pic surely look like "the voice"). It's Rihanna! And of all people, R&B singer and his fiancee' Chris Brown allegedly caused this domestic violence.

I'm a fan of both artist and I'm still shock, and couldn't believe that this indeed transpired. Let's just hope that justice be served and that this would become a lesson to everyone.

Playing cupid on Valentines

I forgot to share with you my Valentine weekend.

I'd say, it is probably one of the best I've had in years. I think Valentines this year is so cool because it fell on a Saturday. I was fortunate enough to really get out and see how my city celebrated the most romantic night of the year.

I actually hosted a Valentine Party at Rizal Prom, and on my way to the place, I see a lot of lovers in the streets and restaurants. Red roses are everywhere and the malls are crowded.

What I like about my Valentine 2009, is the moment when I played cupid to 2 different couples. We had a dating game during our Valentine presentation and a lot of people, couples and singles alike, enjoyed the hot and steamy, romantic fun.

It was truly not easy to play cupid, help people determine which one fits them and which one should they take into their hearts, but it was definitely one of the best job there is. I also love the fact that I was able to celebrate this day with friends and colleagues at work and the love my life. Hopefully you've had your own great Valentine too.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

You just can't have it all

Last night was one of TV's most heartbreaking and earth-shattering moments. SuperManuel,lost his bid to become Pinoy Fear Factor's El Ultimo Participante.

The Superhuman Manuel Chua, a struggling businessman from Cabanatuan captured the hearts of many TV viewers when he broke record after record, in most of Fear Factor stunts.

I can see why people love Manuel. He is so humble yet he delivers the goods. He has made the Pinoy race proud in so many occasions,during his stint in Argentina. My sisters and nieces are fanatics and they watch PFF, because of him. He is also in the run for the Philippine's Sexiest Man Alive in one blog site (which is mostly populated by hearthrobs actors and models in showbiz).

There are a lot of forums and blogs that I know, who dedicate a space for their new found Superhero. They even call themselves the Superfriends.(I actually replied in that forum and told them that I am a Superfriends too! Now I got a mail from the forum organizer and they want to know my whereabouts hehe)

Lesson for everyone last night. In competitions and most esp. in life, those who have the best chances of winning don't necessarily win. Those who have the skills, the talent, the winning package etc. etc., don't necessarily end up bringing home the bacon. Sometimes, luck plays a vital role. Timing I guess and a whole bunch of prayers.

You win some, you lose some (oftentimes, you lose the battle). But no matter what happens, you just have to do your best, exceed expectations and rise from the occasion. You may not win the top plum, but you'll win the respect of so many people around you.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The funniest note

This is probably one of the funniest notes I've read in my facebook social network, which was written by a friend. We'll it is funny because, we've been talking about this for the longest time. She has been so open, that she's no longer doing it. You know that thing, because of so many reasons...So when we read about the note, all her friends know what she's talkin' about and comments poured in. Try to figure out, what she has done again, which she refused to do for the longest time. It doesn't take a genius, to know, you just have to be naughty and green ;)

India - Revived!

...Can't believe it. Geez... I actually did it. After such a long long long time. I dunno what got into me. I just felt like doin it. It felt right. It's like I freed something wild. Really. And frankly, it felt real good.

Lookin' forward to doin it again, lol.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ultimate Valentine Songs

It's the love month, so let's get mushy this time. Still don't know what songs to play on the 14th, on your dinner date? Maybe you would want to sing a song to someone you love the most. These are 3 of the most requested Valentine songs, in the Philippines, and as far as I know radio programmers reserve these 3 songs, for Valentines. My videoke fave,Martin Nievera's 'Each day with you', The cheesy one - David Pomeranz's 'King and Queen of Hearts'(oh,remember those JS Prom Days?) and of course, Jim Brickman's 'Valentine'.

Listen to it and you'll know the reason why.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

You shouldn't miss 'Status: Single'

I have always been a fan of RUffa Mae Quinto since her Booba days and until now.

I must admit, I'm more of a Kapamilya than a Kapuso, but I do like her, in so many ways. She's a funny woman without even trying to be one.A true gem of the Philippine entertainment industry, she is a hard to find. It is always hard to find a woman so oozing with sex appeal and endowed with amazing beauty and body to have great talent (esp. in making people laugh).

Her latest film in fact has delivered again the goods and is one hilarious film that any Ruffa Mae fanatic shouldn't miss. This film is not just funny is so many ways, but a great romantic film at the same time. Helmed by one of my favorites directors (Jose Javier Reyes), Ruffa is again a revelation in this film venture which she co-produce with Viva Films.

Check out it's promotion material:

Rufa Mae stars as the 30-year-old virgin Teodora ‘Doris’ Mesina in Status: Single, a sexy and romantic comedy written and directed by Jose Javier Reyes for Viva Films and On-Q 28 Productions.

In a story a lot of modern women can relate to, Rufa’s character is anxious to get married after her boyfriend (Mark Bautista) dumps her and all her girlfriends get married one after the other. At 30, Doris can feel her biological clock ticking. She can’t visualize the rest of her days tending a garden or looking after her family. For her, nothing can be worse than growing old, lonely and dying a virgin. She needs a man, and she needs one pronto!

So to make her dream of walking down the aisle come true the soonest time possible, Doris enlists the help of her best pal—the very handsome, very macho but very gay Randy (Paolo Contis)—and thus begins the search for the perfect husband. Will Doris end up with the drop-dead gorgeous Fil-Am bartender Hans (Rafael Rosell), the handsome and intellectual Sean (Alfred Vargas), or the zero self-esteem officemate IƱaki (Jon Avila)?

Or will she accept the fact that she’s destined to be single forever, and can be happy that way?

Forget about Richard and KC or Piolo and Angel. If you want to feel-good funny Valentine, this is the movie that you shouldn't miss. Think Valentine. Think Ruffa and Jon. Go watch Status: Single, now on it's 2nd week in theaters, nationwide.

And don't take my word for it, the Cinema Evaluation Board has Rated this film B, which is a testament, that this is indeed a great film.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hollywood stars in 2037

Check out Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie, Kirsten Dunst and other Hollywood royalties when they become a granny old come 2037...Enjoy!