Monday, March 9, 2009

Francism Is...

To be honest, I never really liked Francis Magalona. I just think that "Mga Kababayan" is plain "corny". Also, I don't like seeing him with tattoos all over his body. I even think that Kiko and Pia are really weirdo, with the way they act and the way they present themselves in public. They are really far from Kiko's parents, the late actors Pancho Magalona and Tita Duran, who are their generations best and are classic on their own right.

But the last few days, changed my point of view of the "Man From Manila". His death last Friday, brought me into so many realizations about the life of this very artistic and passionate individual.

Now I remembered liking him in Philippine Idol. I truly like the awesome threesome that they are with Ms. Pilita Corales and Mr. C (Ryan Cayabyab). I remembered that I liked his alternative-inspired tracks "Girl be mine" and "Kaleidoscope world" and even had the hoots for his rap tracks "Man from Manila" and "Cold Summer Nights". I also remembered liking his "Royal Tru-Orange" commercial "Ito ang gusto ko!".

I know friends are kinda irritated seeing Francis M. on the boobtube, every now and then. Some even dismissed the Presidential award of merit given to him by Malacanang. But I personally believe (base on the people's account of his life), that Kiko deserve that place in history. As one of the mover and shaker of the Philippine Music Industry. He is indeed the pioneer of Pinoy Rap. The one who instilled Nationalism and Patriotism to a new generation of Filipinos when the 90's decade begun. He is a true legend, The King, and the ultimate "Philippine Idol".

Personally, he inspired me to look at myself and check what I really want in life. Francism, tells me that I have to live a life that is noteworthy and that I should be the best in any endeavor that I take.

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