Monday, March 2, 2009

I want you to need me

I have to admit.I am not a Celine Dion fan.In fact, there was a time that I abhor her, hate her and so pissed by her songs and voice.

But that all changed with this song. Apparently,I become more tolerant to Celine's squeaky,screechy shrills.

One night, wayback 2001, I was watching my favorite music channel then, waiting for my fave videos when Ms.Dion's "I want you to need me" was played. No choice, I have to watch it and check if I'd be annoyed again.

Ironically, after watching the entirety of the video and listening to the song,loved it in an instant. It was indeed a rare feat for Ms.Dion to win my heart and discriminating taste in music.

From that night until now,I still love this song. I don't know, but I think the message of the song speaks so much of my personality as a whole. I may not admit it,or I may conceal it so many times,but I know,subconsciously I always wanted to be famous.To be loved by everyone.To be everyone's fantasy, their reality. Funny it may sound,but from the first verse to chorus up to the last word of this song,is so "me".

Even Celine's despair and gloomy sound when she sang this song, speaks so much of how I feel, every now and then. Well I guess,I'm just sick or I'm a freako. Or maybe I just need some overwhelming attention.

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