Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Favorite David Moments...

American Idol is here again, and so far I don't have any bet yet.

Anyway, last year's season was one of my favorites and the last two standing were really really outstanding. The two David's deserve their spot in the competition and their current popularity in the real music world.

Among the two, I was more of a Cook fan than an Archuleta fan, although lately Archuleta is growing in me (geezzz).

Well, here are my favorite David performances in last year's AI season.

David Archuleta's rendition of Sweet Caroline is one of the sweetest performances of last year and I really really liked it. As of the moment, it is my current favorite and I have it posted on my FS account.

On the other hand, Cook's version of Mariah Carey's Always be my baby, was the bomb!I remember to have gotten chills in my spine when I've seen that performance. I couldn't believe how great that was. As we all know by now, the song was the Philippines' #1 song for 2008.

Check this one out...let's go down memory lane as we await the new AI for 2009.

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