Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Painful Love

There is no greater tragedy
Than loving someone whom you know you can't be with
Like dreaming for reaching the stars
Beyond reach...
Beyond reality...
Just fantasy...nothing else.

How I remorse that burning feeling
Of wanting and not having
How it grips my heart
Barely breathing and too constricting
There is always a question of
"Why not me...why it can't be me"

Your kisses
Your soft caresses
Your warm breath on my cheek
Your sweet remarkable tongue
Haunts me and make me long for you
More...give me more, I beg
But i have to stop...

Sadly, its not for me
Probably its for the best for us
The world may never be truly fair
They may never understand even
But to feel this way
Is truly a gift i would keep
To be madly in love with someone
Would only comes or happens rarely
And would gladly take the full madness of the world
Just to feel this way once
Unimaginable...but true.

From then on I loved walking in the rain
For the rain covers my tears for you
And the world may never see my sadness
Its alright...I am used that way.

(This is a poem I got from one of my officemate - Kelly Martinez and it is written by her friend Luan...The moment I read the poem I fell in love with it, that I have to share it to the world...)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A sure fire song

As I've said before, only this year that I got my eyes set on Sponge Bob, Patrick, Squidword and the rest of the Bikini Bottom peepz.I use to wonder, how come kids and adults alike love Sponge Bob so much. Now that I'm hook, I know for a fact that I am Sponge Bob in so many ways. So persistent, an attention-seeker yet so innocent at heart (aheemmm). I am also keen about music and this song which was featured in their camping episode was something that I haven't seen in any cartoon. It's really a sure-fire, hilarious song that made me and my nieces burst to laughter and made us think how genius the creators are for this cartoon series. I'd like to share the "Camp Fire Song Song", which I truly like and which I hoped you'd get to like as well in time. (I just hated the fact that Youtube uploaders has to speed up or slow down this song due to copyright infringement - duh it's just a song that people should get to enjoy!)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Is this burning?

This is one classic track that I kinda like growing up. Originally by "The Bangles", this version of "Human Nature" is the bomb. The vocals for this version is heartfelt and I wish I could sing this out in one videoke joint sometime. It's one of those songs, whose lyrics ain't really given, like you can always interpret it the way you like and I could say this means a lot to me nowadays. "Do you feel my heart beating? Do you understand? Do you feel the same?", questions that's truly been bugging my mind...I hope this "eternal flame", I'm feelin' won't just slip and fade away and that this flame I'm creating would scorch in and be felt in no time.

Our Supermodel

She's just an ordinary pretty front desk officer,just like what we usually see in offices and hotels. I have to say everyone would agree, that she is that bubbly, happy person who never fail to lighten up our very stressful graveyard shifts. When she's around, you all know that guys in the office will have a very positive outlook at work. She's our ultimate "it girl" and these photos which I just checked on her Facebook account, will tell you that she is not just a pretty face by day, but a stunning delight on the ramp. Presenting our lovely, alluring friend and officemate Lily in one of her glamorous fashion show outing to date. This is so blazing hot! Tyra Banks has to reconsider another job option.