Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy B-day Boni

One hundred and forty five years ago, one of the Philippines' most well-loved superhero was born. Yep I call him superhero coz he is one of the most revered and idolized, next to Jose Rizal. Well I am not for Bonifacio nor I hate Rizal. I respect both of them and they are really the best in their own fields. Historians and academians are still debating until now, who among the two should be the greatest...I'd say they are both great and the Philippines could still be under an oppressive rule if not for them. I just hope people,esp. the younger generation appreciate their deeds and what they've done for all of us. I am writing this blog because I am a big fan of Boni and my favorite subject is Philippine History. I think this country would be great just like Japan and US, if we all take a look at our history, we pay attention to all the details and learn from all of it. Filipinos as they say have short-term memories, we easily forgive and we tend to forget about what had occurred in our past. Hopefully, each and everyone would be able to look back and take a deeper grasp of our history, live a wonderful and productive present for a brighter future.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey Day

I'm sure a lot of people are familiar with Thanksgiving. Well, what I do know about Thanksgiving is that people in States celebrate for a wonderful year, express their gratitude, reunite and bond with family and friends and it's that time of the year turkeys dread so much since millions of them are gonna be grilled and served in different households across the country.

Well for me Thanksgiving means "no calls" (since I work in a call center), which is a very very good news. It's also that time of the year where I snoop around and check friend's friendster and facebook accounts and get a sneak peek of their Turkey Day.

Well this year, I've found the pics of my radio dj mentor JC, who now works as a Physical Therapists in the US. Their Thanksgiving Party looks fun, and I especially droll over the food served in their dinner table. Of course it wouldn't be complete without the turkey.

Hopefully, the Philippines could also have our very own Thanksgiving Day. Even though we face so many crisis in years, our country still stood the test of time and we have been able to overcome so many challenges. I think Feb.25 would be a very great day to celebrate Thanksgiving. Well as for now, I think I would just have to join our US counterparts for thanking the Lord up above for all the blessings I've received this year. I hope this would just be a start of more wonderful things to come.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas Bazaar at DTC

Christmas is indeed in the air and I'm sure a lot of you are looking for some best buys this holiday season.

If your in Davao, you can check out the Christmas Bazaar happening this weekend at Davao trade Center. The Bazaar was scheduled in time for the very very long vacation that we all have this week. It started yesterday Nov.28 and will end on Dec.1.

My friends Daisy and Doreen are also part of these bazaar and they've been inviting me to come.Hopefully time would allow. Anyway, if you have time look for their booth at the site. They are selling branded items such as Victoria Secrets colognes and perfumes,Guess items, some Ninewest, Liz Claiborne, New York & Co.,and the best from Haan Cole.

Get your money's worth this season drop by now!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Photogenic Ninjas

Remember my friends I featured weeks ago and their shiny and slick toys?

We'll they're still crazy over their toy, and their collections are just growing and growing every 2 weeks. Why every 2 weeks? Coz they splurge most of their salary on these items! (spoiled brats!heheh)

Aside from spending for toys, the guys are also hooked on photography these days. Here, we can see their latest collections which they also took with matching lightings, angles and focus. This is their first attempt in photography and well I have to say, it's quite impressive. They just actually used an ordinary camera phone with this one. Imagine, what could have happened if this was a 10 megapixel digital cam. It could have been more eye-pooping don't you think?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Want some beer?

I know you want you it. And I'm sure you'll be very very happy to have one glass of cold-chilling beer as the cold and freezin' Christmas season approaches. Beer warms you up. It uplifts your senses. It intoxicates and fills up and quench the thirst for happiness and satisfaction, even in just a few moments.

Unfortunately, the one your looking at ain't no beer my dear. It's actually a toilet bowl. Sorry for featuring this stinky and yucky spot, but I guess we all have to check some realities in our society. This toilet bowl is from a public restroom. And if your a Filipino, you know very well that this is not the only dirty bowl that you've seen in your entire life,when you go to some public places (even tourism spots at that).

I've read one survey before, that while foreigners love the warmth of the Filipino people and the beautiful spots found in the country, they kinda hate the humidity of the place and the poor infrastructure in most of our tourism places, which includes our small and (often) dirty comfort rooms.

Aren't comfort rooms supposed to give us a room for comfort? Why do Filipinos love to clean the facade of their place, the ones people would usually see and the ones visible to the eyes. Why don't we include cleaning up the hard to find places and the places that's hidden most of the time (like our toilet rooms).

Aren't we the greatest pretenders? Pretending that we're clean, when in fact there are so many garbages and dirts hidden within...I hope we can all clean up our acts.

Monday, November 24, 2008

I wish I was dog

Allow me to indulge in a state of insanity. Yes folks! you just read the title correctly. Indeed,I was hoping that I was a dog,particularly the dog in this picture. He was the dog I met 3 days ago in the beautiful Island of Samal.

When we met this dog, we know he's kinda timid and shy, but he doesn't really mind the attention he is getting at that moment.He is a beach dog anyway(no pun intended),so basically, he is used to people coming in and out of their resort.

Well I just wish that I was as free as this dog. I wish I would be just like him basking under the sun, all day long,enjoying the serene view of the sea, playing in the wide white sand area and just leaving everything behind. I wish I never have to think about work. I wish never have to think about problems. I wish I never have to deal with stress and anxieties...I wish I wouldn't have to think about the depressing global crisis and how would Obama's win would affect the Outsourcing industry in the Philippines...I wish I could just have stayed in this island and just have fun,fun and fun like I've had last weekend...

How I wish I was a dog.

A healthy "yum-yum"alternative

One of the premiere cities in Southern Philippines is General Santos City or popularly known as "GenSan". It is not only known for it's economic boom in recent years or because of Manny "PacMan" Pacquiao, but also because of it's abundance of Blue Marlins or locally known as "Tuna".

I could still remember the times when my brother was working in a Tuna refinery here in Davao (Davao is just 3 hours away from GenSan). We would have a "Tuna Party" at home every weekend and it was truly heaven. Davao also produces a significant number of Tuna, but GenSan is still the "Tuna Capital" and nobody can dispute that.

Anyway, my friend Evan, another hometown hero of Gensan , just like PacMan (in another field though), has been marketing "tuna" products of Dadiangas for several years now. He is marketing different variety of tuna products innovated and created in the city itself. I once tasted this delicious meat alternative and it is really really good.

Check this long list of tuna alternatives available in his catalog: Tuna bola-bola (meat balls), Tuna burger patties, Tuna chorizo, Tuna embotido,Tuna garlic longganisa, Tuna nuggets,Tuna Shanghai rolls,Tuna soimai, Mahi Crazycut,Mahi fillet,Tuna belly,Tuna choppedmeat, Tuna crazy cut,Tuna cubes,Tuna groundmeat, Tuna medallion, Tuna Panga,Tuna Sashimi,Tuna steak and Tuna tail. If you ask me, that's a whole lot of tuna to choose from...

This is recommended to all those who are on diet but would still want to enjoy food trippin'. If you wanna try it,just e-mail Evan at this address:

Saturday, November 22, 2008


2 years ago at this times, I signed a contract, headed to Cagayan de Oro and become a part of the Philippines' sunshine industry. Exactly 2 years, and I am still learning it's intricacies and the in's and out's of an industry that I use to hate and tried so hard to avoid.

2 years ago I became an official call center agent. It was a very stressful job, but I guess I just don't have much of a choice. I took in calls, solved some mind-boggling technical concerns, which wonders me up to now, since I really dread those routers and adapters. I never thought I would survive such challenging and hard tasks.

2 call centers had pass.8 months of taking in calls, 6 months of supervising an office and more than a year of monitoring and coaching, that's what happened after I became a part of the Outsourcing industry.

I honestly wouldn't know, where would I be, if these companies never reached our shores. I would probably become a sales person of an insurance company or become a vendor selling food.

I thanked everyone who became a part of my journey in the contact center operations. To all my mentors, my friends and all my made each day a brand new day of wonderful experiences and I would never have achieved my little accomplishments each day without you all.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Davao's Fashion Evolution for 2008

Davao's top select and new designers merged forces with the city's newest breed of event organizers, Evo Productions, Ace Events and East Events, to stage this year's biggest fashion event in Metro D. The 2nd Fashion Evolution on Oct. 31 at Damosa Gateway, made another milestone as it successfully showcased the best of Davao's designs and creations.

It also manage to amaze a number of audience as upcoming models from Glam and Ace strutted the latest creations of Davao's finest.The audience this year doubled from last year and the creations have become more intricate and sophisticated. The event was part of Damosa Gateway's Halloween extravaganza and the last blow for Octoberfest'08.

Kudos to Jonel and the whole team of Evo, for making another memorable fashion event in the city.Till next year!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Boobtube's newest shaker

Free TV has never been the same since the arrival of this newest shaker and mover!

TV 5 Shake mo TV mo, has swept the whole Philippine archipelago by storm, as it features young and hip TV programming that captured the hearts of the young ones and the young once. This new TV programming blocked has already placed them on 3rd spot, barely a month after their existence in the air. Of course TV giants ABS-CBN and GMA are the force to reckon with still, when it comes to broadcasting, but nobody can deny the fact that TV5 has created a niche of it's own with it's brand of lined up programs. This is indeed a breather from the usual fare of sappy telenovelas and weird gameshows and variety shows found in most of the free channels nowadays. I am very happy that we no longer have to subscribe to cable channels just to see Dora explore the mountains and rivers or Sponge Bob play and tricked in Patrick.

I certainly hope that TV5 continue to provide us, the best TV programs from around the world, that's both entertaining and educational. I know in my heart that my little siblings and nephews and nieces,would certainly love to thank everyone at TV5 for making their mornings and their whole day more exciting and fun each day with the kind of shows you provide.

So haven't you shaken your TV sets yet? What are you waiting? Switch on to a brand new TV habit. This is the biggest news in the Philippines' TV landscape for 2008...Boobtube's newest shaker indeed...So friends shake mo na TV mo with TV5!

Wearing this...wearing only this...

I'm not really a fan of accessories, but I would truly welcome if someone would give me one (lolz). Speaking of an accessory gift, I received a bracelet from our production head weeks ago. It was given by our clients from Inari Jewelry. Apparently they were happy with my hosting stint during our Halloween Party and Fashion event at Rizal Promenade. It was actually Ace Events Production and Promenade's Halloween bash for 2008 and the last blow for the OctoberFest. Inari Jewelry and Accessories were one of the sponsors that night. I believe their boutique is located in Bonifacio St., here in Davao City(near Chardin). Maybe, I'll try to visit the place one of these days.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My all time fave Christmas tunes

35 days to go and it's gonna be Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas, I listed down 5 of my all time favorite Christmas tracks. These are the songs that I grew up listening to, especially in this beautiful season. When Halloween and All Saints Day is over, I would usually look for my holiday CDs and pop up this songs. Christmas is one of my favorite seasons of the year because everyone's so happy and you can feel that there's just so much love everywhere. I also love the fact that the friends and the family members that you haven't seen for the longest time would just suddenly appear on your front door and bring back all the awesome memories. Reunions, booze, parties, and happy tunes...that's what makes Christmas, truly an anticipated time of the year for me. Well here are the songs that fills up my holiday cd player for an entire month:

1. All I want for Christmas is you - Mariah Carey (Many thought this is a remake,but actually this is a Mariah Carey original. It was featured in one of my fave movies "Love Actually" and this is considered, the most popular Christmas song in the modern era. The song is currently the #1 Christmas tune on Itunes).

2. This Christmas - Usher (This was featured in the LaFace Christmas Album. A cool rendition of a classic Christmas staple. Just find it funny that a lot of people wouldn't believe that this is actually Usher. There are several versions of this songs, but this one is the best, because it's hip, but it stick to the original melody - a hard feat to follow I must say)

3. My grown up Christmas list - Monica (Another classic tune that adults could really relate to esp. at these times. This Monica version is so soulful and it just brings back so much memory sigh!)

4. Sheena Easton - It's Christmas (All Over the world) - (This is the "We are the world" version of a Christmas song. I especially love to see this song performed live)

5. Perfect Christmas - Jose Mari Chan (From the biggest selling Filipino album of all time, this is the most perfect track in that album. Mr. Chan created a masterpiece with this Christmas album. No wonder this has already sold more than one million copies. And since many of our cassette version of this album have already worn out, I think Mr. Chan can expect more album sales in the coming years)

Monday, November 17, 2008

So what happened to Friendster?

For almost 3 days, I could not log in to my Friendster account. It's always temporary maintenance or if I get in, some of my friends are no longer on the list. Good thing FS is back on track and I have already opened it today after a 3-day hiatus. Anyway on that 3-day vacancy, in my observation many were migrating to other social networking sites, particularly Facebook. I've got more than 6 friends who suddenly became an FB addict in 3 days time. I also have received an invitation to Tagged.Hmmm...looks like Friendster has so much to work on by now. This problem also showed that Filipino's have become a social networking addicts by now.

Please read below why Friendster is having problems.I got this from a bulletin of a Friendster friend Csel.

The REAL REASON why Friendster's having problems

"Five million Filipinos can’t find their friends this morning, because Friendster is down. Jim Ayson’s contact at the social networking service says the downtime is due to a power outage at Friendster’s US data center.

To be fair, Friendster is trying to engage the local blogosphere in a key geographic market. Most of their users are in the Philippines, where I also happen to be based. They invited me to a roundtable with their marketing guy the other day, but I was too busy to come. Nevertheless, all the marketing in the world cannot make up for service outages.

Of course, Facebook is now the world’s number one social network, so we’ve still got that to keep up with our friends. I’m going to watch the traffic stats on this post to see if anyone still cares about Friendster.

Details are slim, but apparently it was an entire site outage. Due to this outage, Friendster is offline right now."

Poi is on fiiiiyyyaaaahhhh.....

You know what Poi is? It is one of the "in" thing last summer.

If you can still remember Rachel "she-boom" Lobangco, a sexy star in the 90's - she has brought this Poi thing in the mainstream, wayback 2006. If I'm not mistaken she mentioned in one of her interviews that she learned this art of fire dancing when she was in Boracay. Yep, yep, Poi is actually Fire Dancing - the one we saw in Anne Curtis and Aga Muhlach's last movie "When Love Begins". Anne was a hot mama who danced and manipulated a string of rope with fire at the end.

To be strict about it, Poi is not actually fire dancing. It is actually juggling or manipulating objects using a rope. But Poi became more popular when it was incorporated with fire. There's just something about a flame of fire that intensifies one's feelings. It is captivating and very powerful. A hypnotizing scene especially when maneuvered by graceful and skilled dancers.In other words, "we all love to play with fire".

In several of our events, we've invited some Poi dancers to highlight our presentations. I've witnessed one when we staged the monthly finals of Calendar Girls and The Bachelor at Rizal Prom. I also witnessed a great spectacle from this amazing dancers during the opening of Villa de Mercedes.

Event Specialist, Graphic Artist, budding photographer and good friend Jay Olea took this amazing pictures during one of his events. Check this out!

WRock Is Back!

Middle of the year, one of Davao's most loved adult contemporary radio station made it's final bow, out of broadcasting. So curtains have all fell down and we never get to hear Don Gonzales's golden voice on the airwaves.

It was a pitfall day in the radio industry of Davao. Another radio station has to close probably due to the financial crisis. The radio industry has to fight over downloading of songs and it's availability in imeem or youtube over the internet. Radio has become almost obsolete that it has become an unknown media with the emergence of more popular and more powerful mediums like the world wide web.

Nevertheless, radio will always be a part of one's life. Especially radio stations that provide good music and alternative programming. I think WRock's farewell to the airwaves of Davao was one of the biggest news in the industry, since this station has become a staple of almost every offices and households in the city. It is one of the most listened to and the ultimate pioneer in playing easy-listening songs and love ballads.

This past weekend, I had nothing to do, so I happen to switch on the radio. I was frequency surfing (one of my hobby's when I was younger), trying to look for a feel-good song to heal my aching head. I stopped when I heard "Half-life" being played. When the song ended, I was surprised to hear that it was actually 95.5 WRock, that I was tuning in to. They're back and I couldn't believe it.

That means I would be able to hear Paul and Cherry's weekend radio show "Lite Rock Favorites". That means I would be able to check their 3 of a kind feature for the day. That means I would be able to hear their beautiful jingles again.

I was so elated when I heard this particular jingle " I could never leave you...I listen all day understand my play my favorite songs..." and that's exactly what I did that whole afternoon...

WRock is back and I hope it's here to stay.

(I'd probably ask my former colleague at work Bon Hodreal, one of the grandsons of WRock's proprietor, about this development and the real score behind 95.5's comeback. Check out, for more updates)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Viral Linking

I just stumbled upon this viral links on my blog hopping this lazy weekend. Although I still have so many things to do, I just can't help but blog hop and drop and check some of the best blogs out there. Hopefully this would help increase traffic in my blog. Special thanks to Ms. Jenny for this bright idea! To all my friends out there, check out the blogs below which I confirm to be way way better than mine...

Hey, all with the success of my Image Hosted by and Image Hosted by Tags (yes I am the one who initiated them), I am here again to spread another "virus" (a good one) on the blogosphere. You can STILL join the other tags if you like

There's no doubt that my technorati, backlinks and visitors increased due to these tags. In fact, my new blog Fab & Chic Finds , got a PR2 in less than 3 months since I set it up and I believed this is due to the I Love Shopping Tag. I bet your backlinks increased as well when you joined these tags and I how'd I wish this new tag will do wonders on this blog.

For those bloggers who who doesn't care about their blog's traffic/visitors or backlinks, pretty sure they will just snob these tags or will not mind at all. But for many of us bloggers where pr, traffic and backlinks mean most bec. this is where we can monetize our blogs well then they will not have second talks of joining.

Anyway, come and join me on this Viral Linking Tag.

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6. Spread the virus.. oooopps I mean the VIRAL LINKING and happy blogging!

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Consider yourselves tagged!

An old blog about a new mall

I wrote this blog July this year in my old friendster blog. I migrated to blogspot October this year. This blog is all about my sentiments about the new mall here in Davao City. I also talked about my childhood and the memories that go along with it. Abreeza by the way is the name of the new mall and it is Davao's version of Greenbelt in Manila, and DC's answer to Cebu City's Ayala Center. This one is much much bigger though. This 5 billion venture is made possible by Anflocor and Ayala Land.

This used to be my playground
I just learned recently that Ayala and Anflocor, is developing a land area infront of Redemptorist Church in Bajada, to be the next business haven of Davao. I’m sure everyone’s excited to see an Ayala Mall in the city. Probably by 2010, all roads will lead to this area, as it becomes an astonishing landmark of the city. Flashback -1996. This area used to be where we rent and operate a motor shop.

Oh yes! When that time comes, when I get to see Ayala Mall in it’s towering pride, when everything’s set , I’d probably still think that part of it is our family’s history. Part of it is where my mom and my brother tried their best to operate something and make it successful. Maybe, when the mall opens, I would still think of the business (that my dad financed), and which our family tried to run but unfortunately failed to flourish.

Speaking of motorshops, we also had a shop before in Bonifacio area which is a now a nursing
school. We also had an eatery in Ilustre area, which is a Persian Restaurant at the moment.

Change indeed is the only constant thing in this world, and I’m very happy to see all these changes coming, judging from all the developments, these places have gone through – it’s all worth it.

The only change that I’d probably have a problem accepting for now is the state of our
residential place before. We use to live in a compound, with my Uncles, Aunts, and Cousins. For me, the place was perfect. I use to think that our place is like a setting in a TV sitcom. We rented and developed that land into a home. We built its foundation. We propagated love (literally and figuratively). It is where I learned the value of family, of friendship. It is where I learned the essence of “Bayanihan”. It is where I spent my childhood.

Looking back, I could still see the faces of my friends and of my cousins, as we run
through the street playing all day long. In my mind, I was in our balcony at the second floor, recapturing the moment where I use to take some fresh air, enjoy sights of green trees, of chirping birds and seeing the happy faces of our neighbors.

Present time - 2008. I passed by the place again. Reality bites. What was left in that place, I use to call home, is a huge empty warehouse standing still.

You can check out my old blogs here:

Friday, November 14, 2008

Mommy's Gibble Gabbles' Holiday Contest

Mommy's Gibble Gabbles

I've joined the blogger world Oct. 30 this year, the exact day where I hit my 28th year as an earthling. For weeks now, I have been trying to build the image of this blog. To be honest I still have problems updating it since I have a regular job and other things to do. But I won't quit just like that. I am actually enjoying this new found hobby and it feels so good seeing so many bloggers out there, pouring their hearts out and sharing their passions and life to the world.

In my short journey as a blogger, I came across Entrecard. It was introduced to me by a blogger friend and I kinda like the dropping habit. Aside from the drops, that I get (which makes me thrill and enthusiastic), I also love the things that I'm seeing so far.

There are just so many beautiful minds out there, waiting for their time to shine. Waiting for the world to see. Their blogs, makes me want to blog some more. I just have so many things in mind. I even dream about blogging at night.There are just so many things to say and ideas to share. Time constraints and a really really tired mind, keeps me away from blogging. But I intend to push through with this, hopefully for life.

One of the many things that I learned about blogging, is that bloggers just like in Friendster and Facebook have their very own network as well. Networking plays a vital role in getting traffic and being able to get your sites some much-needed attention and viewing. I learned that aside from building the image of your site and creating some interesting content, you also have to learn how to market it. So I came across such terms as SEO, labeling and the likes to make sure traffic would build up and hits would get higher.

Bloggers also create contests to make their blogs interesting. The very first contest I've seen from a blog site was about the blog's anniversary and the prize was a gift certificate in a posh hotel restaurant. It was so enticing and I believe the blogger got an overloading traffic then, base on the comments he received in his site.

Anyway, there's one blog contest that keep my eyes set for days now. I was quite hesitant in joining, cause honestly, I didn't get the whole context of the contest. But since I want to try so many things with my blog, I decided to might as well join.Here's the prizes that Darlene (the owner of the blog) wants to share in time for Christmas. The gift certificate at the hotel restaurant was enticing but I guess this one is much much interesting for hard-core bloggers out there. And since I consider now myself a blogger, I am more than willing to join in the fun!


1. Checkered Pink and Blue Blanket size 73 x 73 inches (click HERE for the picture)
2. 3 column blog layout designed by My Web Blog Designs
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The contest will end on December 8 (just in time for my sister's 18th b-day). The contest is open to everyone interested and Ms.Darlene will be announcing the winner the following week. Join in the fun and you may check out her site it's

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Melodiya's made to order masks

Masquerade was the theme of our Christmas Party last year (in the company where I use to work).Almost a year later, I just learned that my friend and colleague at work was making money out of these masks. Let's just call her Melodiya and she now has a stock room of masks which she sells over the internet. She also sells baby dresses and clothes.

The texts below can be found on her website:

One thing that make our mask special is that it's MADE TO ORDER and CUSTOMIZED. Unlike other masks around that is ready made which sometimes doesn't fit well to your face or colors doesn't match properly to your attire and are very common!

Here, you may find unique designs that will make you stand out from the crowd! Plus, if you can't find the right design for you on our gallery, you may send us a picture of your preferred design (free over the net) and we may replicate it for you! And there you go! you have your own unique and customized Masquerade mask!

We have different varieties of mask that varies on it's design and materials that would fit your budget. From simplest to more expensive and complicated designs. If you want a catalogue please fell free to contact us or leave a comment on our guest book and we'll be happy to send you our complete Mask Picture Gallery.

And now presenting some of the well-crafted masks that Melodiya sells:

You check out more of my friend's creations at

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

An Amazing Weekend

I've just had one of the best weekend spectacle. I've had so much fun and I can't contain it anymore that I have to share it here.

Saturday at 1:00 AM, I completed my last duty for the week. For 8 hours, I rushed and finished all pendings reports, while excitedly anticipating for the 3 events that's about to commence.

10:00 AM, came and I joined in one of company's team building activity. We head to Caliclic in Samal and stayed there the whole day. We had fun, booze and videoke, all day. By 8:00 PM, things are already heating up literally, but I have to beg off coz I have to head to Davao again. I have a small reunion party to attend.

9:00 PM. I went to Dencio's Kamayan in Bonifacio St. to meet friends from wayback. They were my colleagues in radio. One of colleagues just got back from the States and she treated us to a dinner date. After a sumptuous meal, we then head to World Palace and sing out lungs out. Filipinos really love to sing, and I have to say, Pinoy parties won't be complete without videokes. We're no exemption. I'm happy that they liked the place that I recommended.

We finished off our drinking and videoke session at around 2:00 AM.

So I slept between 3:00 to 6:00 AM, then prep up for the Family outing we've planned for more than 2 weeks. The family's complete, except for 2 bro's (one has a duty at that time and the other one is in the province).

It was another cool trip as we hit the beach again as a family. It's been a long time since we were able to organize such simple, yet intimate family bonding time. We spent the whole day, indulging in the cool waters and beautiful scenery.

I wish the weekend never ended. Well I'll try to make another brand spankin' weekend getaway, maybe next month. Can't wait!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Porn Traffic Is Now Dying

Got this report from a blog, I have to say this is a good news. It says here that social networking sites like multiply, friendster, facebook and myspace has invaded the web and have caused the low traffic for porns since last year. So kids these days are into meeting new pals and getting reunited with long lost friends and family! Check out the report:

Bob Caswell noted that Social Networking sites dethrones Sex sites in terms of traffic based on the report published by the Economist, and shown by the graph below:

However, Joe Duck pointed out that we must consider the fact that one of the key factors of social networking is dating and meeting people.No wonder why lot of people are now taking advantage of social networking. Even porny-people tried to take advantage of it.

Davao Jocks on the web

One of the good things about the internet, particularly social networking sites like Friendster, Myspace and Facebook is that they were able to connect friends, colleagues at work, family members and schoolmates, even from way back when.

This featured friendster account, has over 100 disc jockeys of Davao City. So if you wanna know what's up with DJ Monica, Big Joe, Joe Fisher, Paul Wiggy and all the other DJ's of Davao, even from early years of radio, just check this site and you'll find them all here. I still have to find Inday Tanini though, or is he/she considered a DJ?

You may also add them up, if you are a bonafide Davao DJ at present or even if your no longer connected with the radiolandia. Just add them up using their e-mail -

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Blockbuster Flip Flops

Aside from Bossa Nova, soccer and stunning good-looking models,Brazil is making waves in the country with their hottest flip flop exports - definitely not a flop, it's called Havaianas (pronounced as AH-VAI-YAH-NAS).

I have to admit that I've been a skeptic ever since, because I think they're just too expensive for a slipper.

Well my friends have it so I have to get myself several pairs as well and I have to say they are very comfy. The straps don't cut into the skin and they are pretty sturdy and bendable, not stiff like the regular spartan.They really are super comfortable.

Still I have to say the comfort and durability of the product is not hype, but the price is. I read somewhere that in Brazil, this footwear is just P150. There are other Brazilian flops in the country like Dupee' and Ipanema and they are pretty much of good quality too.Hopefully our own products could be at par with these imports.

Just like a tatoo...

In the spirit of spookiness and mystery, my friends tried out henna tattoo when we celebrated Halloween at Rizal Prom on Oct. 31. I was there to host the festivities and during breaks, I had a chance to see my friends become a canvass for like 10 minutes by some of Davao's most prolific henna tattoo artists.

They chose from among hundreds of drawings. I think the tattoo was P50 each. If I wasn't busy, I would probably ask them to draw Tazmania on my nape. Check out my friends'tattoos here: