Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My all time fave Christmas tunes

35 days to go and it's gonna be Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas, I listed down 5 of my all time favorite Christmas tracks. These are the songs that I grew up listening to, especially in this beautiful season. When Halloween and All Saints Day is over, I would usually look for my holiday CDs and pop up this songs. Christmas is one of my favorite seasons of the year because everyone's so happy and you can feel that there's just so much love everywhere. I also love the fact that the friends and the family members that you haven't seen for the longest time would just suddenly appear on your front door and bring back all the awesome memories. Reunions, booze, parties, and happy tunes...that's what makes Christmas, truly an anticipated time of the year for me. Well here are the songs that fills up my holiday cd player for an entire month:

1. All I want for Christmas is you - Mariah Carey (Many thought this is a remake,but actually this is a Mariah Carey original. It was featured in one of my fave movies "Love Actually" and this is considered, the most popular Christmas song in the modern era. The song is currently the #1 Christmas tune on Itunes).

2. This Christmas - Usher (This was featured in the LaFace Christmas Album. A cool rendition of a classic Christmas staple. Just find it funny that a lot of people wouldn't believe that this is actually Usher. There are several versions of this songs, but this one is the best, because it's hip, but it stick to the original melody - a hard feat to follow I must say)

3. My grown up Christmas list - Monica (Another classic tune that adults could really relate to esp. at these times. This Monica version is so soulful and it just brings back so much memory sigh!)

4. Sheena Easton - It's Christmas (All Over the world) - (This is the "We are the world" version of a Christmas song. I especially love to see this song performed live)

5. Perfect Christmas - Jose Mari Chan (From the biggest selling Filipino album of all time, this is the most perfect track in that album. Mr. Chan created a masterpiece with this Christmas album. No wonder this has already sold more than one million copies. And since many of our cassette version of this album have already worn out, I think Mr. Chan can expect more album sales in the coming years)

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