Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Imported US Goods For Sale

My friend who is now base in New Jersey, U.S.A. has tons of imported goods for everyone! If your having a hard time thinking of an early Christmas present to a love one, you may check out their goods.

The good thing is that you can order a specific authentic and branded items! Sample items include fossil watches,Victoria Secrets, CK, and Hugo perfumes & colognes. They also have bags and shades from known brands such as Louis Vuitton,Victoria Secrets, Liz Claiborne, OxOx, and Tommy.

You may give them the specific brand, model# and other item information for your orders(you may include the pics & other information about the product)at this email address - Rest assured that they'll only charge minimimal cost which inludes US tax.

Your email will be considered as your Purchase Order or u can fill out & sign their order slips, which will be sent to you.

A 50% Down payment will be required upon filling out of the order slips. For more information just email again or leave message at that account.

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