Monday, November 17, 2008

So what happened to Friendster?

For almost 3 days, I could not log in to my Friendster account. It's always temporary maintenance or if I get in, some of my friends are no longer on the list. Good thing FS is back on track and I have already opened it today after a 3-day hiatus. Anyway on that 3-day vacancy, in my observation many were migrating to other social networking sites, particularly Facebook. I've got more than 6 friends who suddenly became an FB addict in 3 days time. I also have received an invitation to Tagged.Hmmm...looks like Friendster has so much to work on by now. This problem also showed that Filipino's have become a social networking addicts by now.

Please read below why Friendster is having problems.I got this from a bulletin of a Friendster friend Csel.

The REAL REASON why Friendster's having problems

"Five million Filipinos can’t find their friends this morning, because Friendster is down. Jim Ayson’s contact at the social networking service says the downtime is due to a power outage at Friendster’s US data center.

To be fair, Friendster is trying to engage the local blogosphere in a key geographic market. Most of their users are in the Philippines, where I also happen to be based. They invited me to a roundtable with their marketing guy the other day, but I was too busy to come. Nevertheless, all the marketing in the world cannot make up for service outages.

Of course, Facebook is now the world’s number one social network, so we’ve still got that to keep up with our friends. I’m going to watch the traffic stats on this post to see if anyone still cares about Friendster.

Details are slim, but apparently it was an entire site outage. Due to this outage, Friendster is offline right now."


|1f34|-|1r3 said...

not sure why it happened in the first place but the problem people losing friends might be because the database isn't synced up...mine is okay by the way....

sean said...

everything's doing fine with my account as well...thanks for droppin' by!

comeliness said...

maybe they have to upgrade the system as people from the Philippines ( I am also a Filipino) clog them of friend requests. It happenenedin less than a day or two but see people are frantic as to what indeed happen at friendster. I too became suspicious.