Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dear God

The good thing about kids is that they don't lie. Normally, they would actually tell you what they want, what they feel and what's on their mind without concealing them or sugar-coating like adults do. Sometimes it's annoying, but oftentimes it's all good and fun. Ever wonder what kids say to God? Here are just some compiled thoughts, which I got from my bulk of mails some years ago. It still is nice to read them and surprisingly the thoughts and insights you get are truly remarkable. Check it out!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

An a o-K Performance

We had a blast 2 weeks ago, watching premiere stand up commedianes Pooh and K Brosas for their 'Laugh Til u Drop' concert here in Davao. We even had a lunch date with the hottest comic artists earlier that day and had a pictorial session with them since our company is one of the major sponsors of the event.

Unfortunately, we failed to get the best seat that night and we forgot to grab with us a video recorder. Good thing though, Youtube is here and it has accounts of my favorite K Brosas comic antic that night. Her interpretation of Regine Velasquez's "Tuwing Umuulan" is one classic act to follow and it had me blown away the first time I've seen it. Check this very funny act, with Ruffa Mae Quinto (one of my faves as well), in this very literal and naughty interpretation of a classic Filipino song. (Warning though - this is not for the conservative and Manoling Morato wannabes)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Let's go algo

Whenever I read former QA colleague Alex's replies on my whines and complaints about life in my facebook and friendster, I would also remember how childish and softy this tough-looking ghetto guy. His fascination with toys, his snore when he sleeps (at the middle of monitoring a very boring call)and that video streaming addiction.

His issues and problems about streaming before was so huge, that I thought of him as Alextream.

Anyway, one of Alex's favorite video streaming activity is viewing this series of Japanese Algorithm dances.

I googled the word Algorithm and it says, it is a specific set of instructions for carrying out a procedure or solving a problem, usually with the requirement that the procedure terminate at some point. Specific algorithms sometimes also go by the name method, procedure, or technique.

I know for a fact that Algorithm is a mathematics term but I didn't know that it could also be used for a dance or in an art form. I guess this video, below (that Alex is so fond of), can explain everything. I guess that specific and calculated steps in this dance makes it very mathematical (if there's such a word). Anyway, hope you enjoy this clip, as much as I and Alex do.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Glam Shoots

I just scanned through Friendster recently and found some glamor shoots of our friend, budding photographer Jus Jugador, this time, with his subject, also a friend Dianne a.k.a Samantha.

I sure loved the lights, the concept and over-all feel of the photo shoot. I so love it, that I'm thinking of ways to persuade Jus to have me as his subject for his next glam pictorials (hehehe...writing this blog is my first move). Check out Dianne, in the lens of Jus, with stylist and make up by Fel-Rey.

Baby Talk

So let's talk about babies. To be honest, I hate babies, kids and children, whatever you call them. I don't have patience with an annoying, spoiled brat kids, especially if they keep on crying, and messing up things. I've babysit before and I still dread those days. So whenever there are kids around, I would just ignore them and pretend that they don't exist. Recently though, my friend Alex who's currently in Dubai, sent us an email containing pics of babies and kids. I have to admit though, they really look cute and as the email subject hopes to attain, it sure brought something to smile about in these very stressful world. Enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Class Picture

I've never had a group class picture in college and high school, that's why whenever I see this picture at work, I kinda regret the fact that I was born too early, when Friendster and Facebook are not yet in. When internet is still a thing from the future and pictures are only placed on photo albums.

I bet I would have so many pics with grade school, high school and college friends now, if only our generation had FS and FB earlier on. I totally envy all the kids today. There's just no reason for me to be so interested with pics and photos then, since it would only end up in one freakin' album, stored in one place and hoped that one day it would have a feet of it's own, so that it could go hop from one place to another and share the beautiful memories and pictures placed in it...

I truly love this pic. It will always remind me, how good 2009 is because I'm surrounded with the most fun group I've had in years. I just feel so lucky to have had the best team at work!