Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Class Picture

I've never had a group class picture in college and high school, that's why whenever I see this picture at work, I kinda regret the fact that I was born too early, when Friendster and Facebook are not yet in. When internet is still a thing from the future and pictures are only placed on photo albums.

I bet I would have so many pics with grade school, high school and college friends now, if only our generation had FS and FB earlier on. I totally envy all the kids today. There's just no reason for me to be so interested with pics and photos then, since it would only end up in one freakin' album, stored in one place and hoped that one day it would have a feet of it's own, so that it could go hop from one place to another and share the beautiful memories and pictures placed in it...

I truly love this pic. It will always remind me, how good 2009 is because I'm surrounded with the most fun group I've had in years. I just feel so lucky to have had the best team at work!

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