Sunday, February 22, 2009

A disturbia

One of the most disturbing pics I've seen in months, is the site of a woman who's allegedly battered down by his fiancee. If you look at it, you'll know how much pain she has to endure and how grave the crime is.

The most disturbing part is that this is a pic of an International Superstar, who's admired by so many teens, so filthy rich - you'll never expect that this would happen to her.

I'm not talking about Tina Turner, or Whitney Houston (but the lady in this pic surely look like "the voice"). It's Rihanna! And of all people, R&B singer and his fiancee' Chris Brown allegedly caused this domestic violence.

I'm a fan of both artist and I'm still shock, and couldn't believe that this indeed transpired. Let's just hope that justice be served and that this would become a lesson to everyone.

Playing cupid on Valentines

I forgot to share with you my Valentine weekend.

I'd say, it is probably one of the best I've had in years. I think Valentines this year is so cool because it fell on a Saturday. I was fortunate enough to really get out and see how my city celebrated the most romantic night of the year.

I actually hosted a Valentine Party at Rizal Prom, and on my way to the place, I see a lot of lovers in the streets and restaurants. Red roses are everywhere and the malls are crowded.

What I like about my Valentine 2009, is the moment when I played cupid to 2 different couples. We had a dating game during our Valentine presentation and a lot of people, couples and singles alike, enjoyed the hot and steamy, romantic fun.

It was truly not easy to play cupid, help people determine which one fits them and which one should they take into their hearts, but it was definitely one of the best job there is. I also love the fact that I was able to celebrate this day with friends and colleagues at work and the love my life. Hopefully you've had your own great Valentine too.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

You just can't have it all

Last night was one of TV's most heartbreaking and earth-shattering moments. SuperManuel,lost his bid to become Pinoy Fear Factor's El Ultimo Participante.

The Superhuman Manuel Chua, a struggling businessman from Cabanatuan captured the hearts of many TV viewers when he broke record after record, in most of Fear Factor stunts.

I can see why people love Manuel. He is so humble yet he delivers the goods. He has made the Pinoy race proud in so many occasions,during his stint in Argentina. My sisters and nieces are fanatics and they watch PFF, because of him. He is also in the run for the Philippine's Sexiest Man Alive in one blog site (which is mostly populated by hearthrobs actors and models in showbiz).

There are a lot of forums and blogs that I know, who dedicate a space for their new found Superhero. They even call themselves the Superfriends.(I actually replied in that forum and told them that I am a Superfriends too! Now I got a mail from the forum organizer and they want to know my whereabouts hehe)

Lesson for everyone last night. In competitions and most esp. in life, those who have the best chances of winning don't necessarily win. Those who have the skills, the talent, the winning package etc. etc., don't necessarily end up bringing home the bacon. Sometimes, luck plays a vital role. Timing I guess and a whole bunch of prayers.

You win some, you lose some (oftentimes, you lose the battle). But no matter what happens, you just have to do your best, exceed expectations and rise from the occasion. You may not win the top plum, but you'll win the respect of so many people around you.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The funniest note

This is probably one of the funniest notes I've read in my facebook social network, which was written by a friend. We'll it is funny because, we've been talking about this for the longest time. She has been so open, that she's no longer doing it. You know that thing, because of so many reasons...So when we read about the note, all her friends know what she's talkin' about and comments poured in. Try to figure out, what she has done again, which she refused to do for the longest time. It doesn't take a genius, to know, you just have to be naughty and green ;)

India - Revived!

...Can't believe it. Geez... I actually did it. After such a long long long time. I dunno what got into me. I just felt like doin it. It felt right. It's like I freed something wild. Really. And frankly, it felt real good.

Lookin' forward to doin it again, lol.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ultimate Valentine Songs

It's the love month, so let's get mushy this time. Still don't know what songs to play on the 14th, on your dinner date? Maybe you would want to sing a song to someone you love the most. These are 3 of the most requested Valentine songs, in the Philippines, and as far as I know radio programmers reserve these 3 songs, for Valentines. My videoke fave,Martin Nievera's 'Each day with you', The cheesy one - David Pomeranz's 'King and Queen of Hearts'(oh,remember those JS Prom Days?) and of course, Jim Brickman's 'Valentine'.

Listen to it and you'll know the reason why.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

You shouldn't miss 'Status: Single'

I have always been a fan of RUffa Mae Quinto since her Booba days and until now.

I must admit, I'm more of a Kapamilya than a Kapuso, but I do like her, in so many ways. She's a funny woman without even trying to be one.A true gem of the Philippine entertainment industry, she is a hard to find. It is always hard to find a woman so oozing with sex appeal and endowed with amazing beauty and body to have great talent (esp. in making people laugh).

Her latest film in fact has delivered again the goods and is one hilarious film that any Ruffa Mae fanatic shouldn't miss. This film is not just funny is so many ways, but a great romantic film at the same time. Helmed by one of my favorites directors (Jose Javier Reyes), Ruffa is again a revelation in this film venture which she co-produce with Viva Films.

Check out it's promotion material:

Rufa Mae stars as the 30-year-old virgin Teodora ‘Doris’ Mesina in Status: Single, a sexy and romantic comedy written and directed by Jose Javier Reyes for Viva Films and On-Q 28 Productions.

In a story a lot of modern women can relate to, Rufa’s character is anxious to get married after her boyfriend (Mark Bautista) dumps her and all her girlfriends get married one after the other. At 30, Doris can feel her biological clock ticking. She can’t visualize the rest of her days tending a garden or looking after her family. For her, nothing can be worse than growing old, lonely and dying a virgin. She needs a man, and she needs one pronto!

So to make her dream of walking down the aisle come true the soonest time possible, Doris enlists the help of her best pal—the very handsome, very macho but very gay Randy (Paolo Contis)—and thus begins the search for the perfect husband. Will Doris end up with the drop-dead gorgeous Fil-Am bartender Hans (Rafael Rosell), the handsome and intellectual Sean (Alfred Vargas), or the zero self-esteem officemate IƱaki (Jon Avila)?

Or will she accept the fact that she’s destined to be single forever, and can be happy that way?

Forget about Richard and KC or Piolo and Angel. If you want to feel-good funny Valentine, this is the movie that you shouldn't miss. Think Valentine. Think Ruffa and Jon. Go watch Status: Single, now on it's 2nd week in theaters, nationwide.

And don't take my word for it, the Cinema Evaluation Board has Rated this film B, which is a testament, that this is indeed a great film.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hollywood stars in 2037

Check out Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie, Kirsten Dunst and other Hollywood royalties when they become a granny old come 2037...Enjoy!

You are what you sing...

I certainly love music.

I wouldn't know what the world would be without it. And there are just so many songs, that I really really love. Songs that I listen to everyday. Songs that make me smile, make me cry, long for someone, feel good, hurt and get inspired.

Someone told me before - "You are what you sing". I guess this is 70% true.In my case it's even 80-90% true. The song that I like, it's message and mood, certainly reflects the emotions that I have in a particular time and day. I guess my huge song library(thanks to radio, I worked as a DJ before), helped me become very very attached to songs, that when I feel something, a song would just pop up and it would reveal the exact or similar feeling that I have.

Nowadays, I'm singing about longing for someone...(I don't wanna divulge the title of the song). I guess it reflects my over-all being. I may be denying it, but i guess I am indeed missing someone. Hmmm....