Saturday, February 7, 2009

You shouldn't miss 'Status: Single'

I have always been a fan of RUffa Mae Quinto since her Booba days and until now.

I must admit, I'm more of a Kapamilya than a Kapuso, but I do like her, in so many ways. She's a funny woman without even trying to be one.A true gem of the Philippine entertainment industry, she is a hard to find. It is always hard to find a woman so oozing with sex appeal and endowed with amazing beauty and body to have great talent (esp. in making people laugh).

Her latest film in fact has delivered again the goods and is one hilarious film that any Ruffa Mae fanatic shouldn't miss. This film is not just funny is so many ways, but a great romantic film at the same time. Helmed by one of my favorites directors (Jose Javier Reyes), Ruffa is again a revelation in this film venture which she co-produce with Viva Films.

Check out it's promotion material:

Rufa Mae stars as the 30-year-old virgin Teodora ‘Doris’ Mesina in Status: Single, a sexy and romantic comedy written and directed by Jose Javier Reyes for Viva Films and On-Q 28 Productions.

In a story a lot of modern women can relate to, Rufa’s character is anxious to get married after her boyfriend (Mark Bautista) dumps her and all her girlfriends get married one after the other. At 30, Doris can feel her biological clock ticking. She can’t visualize the rest of her days tending a garden or looking after her family. For her, nothing can be worse than growing old, lonely and dying a virgin. She needs a man, and she needs one pronto!

So to make her dream of walking down the aisle come true the soonest time possible, Doris enlists the help of her best pal—the very handsome, very macho but very gay Randy (Paolo Contis)—and thus begins the search for the perfect husband. Will Doris end up with the drop-dead gorgeous Fil-Am bartender Hans (Rafael Rosell), the handsome and intellectual Sean (Alfred Vargas), or the zero self-esteem officemate IƱaki (Jon Avila)?

Or will she accept the fact that she’s destined to be single forever, and can be happy that way?

Forget about Richard and KC or Piolo and Angel. If you want to feel-good funny Valentine, this is the movie that you shouldn't miss. Think Valentine. Think Ruffa and Jon. Go watch Status: Single, now on it's 2nd week in theaters, nationwide.

And don't take my word for it, the Cinema Evaluation Board has Rated this film B, which is a testament, that this is indeed a great film.

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