Sunday, February 22, 2009

A disturbia

One of the most disturbing pics I've seen in months, is the site of a woman who's allegedly battered down by his fiancee. If you look at it, you'll know how much pain she has to endure and how grave the crime is.

The most disturbing part is that this is a pic of an International Superstar, who's admired by so many teens, so filthy rich - you'll never expect that this would happen to her.

I'm not talking about Tina Turner, or Whitney Houston (but the lady in this pic surely look like "the voice"). It's Rihanna! And of all people, R&B singer and his fiancee' Chris Brown allegedly caused this domestic violence.

I'm a fan of both artist and I'm still shock, and couldn't believe that this indeed transpired. Let's just hope that justice be served and that this would become a lesson to everyone.

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