Monday, March 2, 2009


I have always been a nature lover.I love the sight of green meadows,the chirping birds,the flowers,most especially when it's early in the morning and it rained the night before.It is like heaven on earth. That's what I always look forward to when I was younger.I would stay in our attic then and let time pass watching the trees as they were swayed by the wind.

When I got older.I never paid much attention to the little plants that bloom in our backyard. I guess I was so busy, that I even forgot appreciate the beauty of nature that I so use to love.

This year, my life just got more and more complicated,with the account that our company handled. I actually work in a call center. The account is so toxic that I would pray for the week to end and hope that it's another weekend.

And my weekend wouldn't be complete without going to the most beautiful places within my reach. The last getaway that I've been to is the Toyozu Mountain in Mainit,Nabunturan,Compostela Valley.

There I enjoyed nature once again in it's finest. It healed me in and out. The sight of the lush greenery, the relaxing hot spring and the abundant flora and fauna, has somehow relieve me of the stress and the complications of the real world. There, I become one with nature again, to the feeling of being comforted and nursed.I'm home indeed.

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