Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Rainbow Connection

My schoolmate in college (Marco Teofilo) took pictures one ordinary day on his way home. He took a cab and catch a glimpse of a rainbow in the beautiful skies of Davao. So he took some shots and shared it to his Facebook friends.

Now I'm sharing his pics of the rainbow he spotted in Matina, Ecoland and Quimpo Boulevard at the first week of March this year (without his permission, nevermind FB is also thinking the same way, with their new provisions). The last time I saw a rainbow was 2 weeks ago, when we visited Toyozu mountain resort. We've seen two rainbows there, and I think rainbows ain't really special in that place because it's a mountain resort and it has gold mines within the vicinity. Of course we all know there's a pot of gold in the area.

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