Wednesday, February 4, 2009

You are what you sing...

I certainly love music.

I wouldn't know what the world would be without it. And there are just so many songs, that I really really love. Songs that I listen to everyday. Songs that make me smile, make me cry, long for someone, feel good, hurt and get inspired.

Someone told me before - "You are what you sing". I guess this is 70% true.In my case it's even 80-90% true. The song that I like, it's message and mood, certainly reflects the emotions that I have in a particular time and day. I guess my huge song library(thanks to radio, I worked as a DJ before), helped me become very very attached to songs, that when I feel something, a song would just pop up and it would reveal the exact or similar feeling that I have.

Nowadays, I'm singing about longing for someone...(I don't wanna divulge the title of the song). I guess it reflects my over-all being. I may be denying it, but i guess I am indeed missing someone. Hmmm....

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