Saturday, January 31, 2009

I was born to love you

Since it's the love month, I'd like to share to you one of my most favorite love songs of all time. It's George Duke's "Born to love you". I first heard it when I was still a DJ for a Jazz radio station here in our city. It's actually a love song, about a person who is falling in love with someone, yet he is hesitant, because of the many pains that he has gone through before...My favorite line from the song is the second verse.

Such a lovely face with a warm and tender smile, though I want you so found in deep inside keep saying..."don't trust your heart this time", could my mind be playing games...Am I so betrayed that my heart and mind can never be the same....

I hope you find delight in this beautiful song, and you'd finally found the one that you can say..."I was born to love you..."

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