Sunday, January 18, 2009

Everybody's in Dubai

It's an open city and there are just so many opportunities that awaits those who have been working hard all their life to be the best in school and in their field of work.

That's how my friend describe Dubai. If you have all the qualifications and if you are in for an adventure of a lifetime, Dubai is the place to be. As far as I'm concern, more or less 10 people that I know have been to Dubai, in less than a year to work and find a greener pasture. As I browse my friendster and facebook account, I just can't help but notice their smiles. As I count, I have more or less 10 friends from grade school, high school and from work who have chosen to work in that place. And I'd say they seem to have a great time there.

The architecture and the landscape of Dubai is truly breathtaking. They say, it is really really amazing in person and a tourism haven indeed. The only problem there is the climate. It can be very very hot and sometimes very very cold. The extremities is truly remarkable.

Anyway, I'd like to share to you the adventures of my friends in this new paradise, they call Dubai. Some pics were taken in Kish and the other drop off area, for those who have expired visa.

As for me, I would want to visit the place, maybe as a tourist. But for now, I'm contented seeing my friends having the times of their lives in this middle east haven.

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