Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's Obama's Inauguration - No Calls?

It's 11PM in the Philippines, I'm in bed texting colleagues, asking if there will be call outs for today. Infront of me is the boobtube handing me out images at the other side of the world, as people there anticipating, in high spirits, waiting for history to unfold. It's their President's inauguration. Well, I'm not really into current affairs, esp. World affairs, so it's quite weird for me to be watching a newscast at this time of the day.

I'm actually watching the preparation of President Barrack Obama's inaguaration rites, and as far as I know, it was 8 or 9 AM in Washington DC, then when I was eagerly waiting for another good news. NO CALL OUTS. That's what I've been hoping for, and I was checking out if it would translate to NO WORK, as well.

Unfortunately, Obama's magic did not made wonders for me at the time being. We were still made to report and make calls. Too bad!

I wasn't able to catch Obama's oathtaking and I wasn't able to take a deep rest, from the stressful world of work.

We'll we bugged out some Americans, selling something that they'd probably need in this tough times. According to my agents, most of them received some of the most irate responses they've ever had in their entire life today. They were told that they were interrupting a historical milestone. Well our agents were calling out, while Obama was on the boobtube and taking an oath to become the 44th President of the world's most powerful nation.

We'll I missed out the fun, and even annoyed some Obama fanatics in the process, but life must go on. We have to make a living. I'd probably open youtube and check out, Obama's rise to power.

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