Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The FHM 2009 Calendar Fiasco

I've been receiving so many views and traffic, searching for the latest FHM Calendar for 2009. Too bad, it was actually a joke and it was not real. I don't actually have a copy of the calendar yet and I don't even have pictures of it. The blog entry I've posted last month was actually more of a joke, that circulated in the e-mails and I posted it here in my blog.

I don't know, but the 2009 calendar edition is so hard to find on the internet, and I've been looking for it myself for a month now (I think there's no FHM Calendar for 2009). Fortunately, while searching , here's what I've found...Twelve gorgeous models, 12 different months, one magazine, one calendar, and it's not FHM but it's Maxim Calendar Girls 2009!

They are:

January Girl - Cherry Kubota
February Girl - Danielle Castano
March Girl - Nadine Wischer
April Girl - Anneliese Poggensee
May Girl - Princess Tinkerbell Snell
June Girl - Evgenia Nazarova
July Girl - Tisha Silang
August Girl - Wella Khonghun
September Girl - Olga Torovik
October Girl - Joanne Muller
November Girl - Pathra Cadness
December Girl - Jamilla Obispo

Check the vid!

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