Thursday, February 19, 2009

You just can't have it all

Last night was one of TV's most heartbreaking and earth-shattering moments. SuperManuel,lost his bid to become Pinoy Fear Factor's El Ultimo Participante.

The Superhuman Manuel Chua, a struggling businessman from Cabanatuan captured the hearts of many TV viewers when he broke record after record, in most of Fear Factor stunts.

I can see why people love Manuel. He is so humble yet he delivers the goods. He has made the Pinoy race proud in so many occasions,during his stint in Argentina. My sisters and nieces are fanatics and they watch PFF, because of him. He is also in the run for the Philippine's Sexiest Man Alive in one blog site (which is mostly populated by hearthrobs actors and models in showbiz).

There are a lot of forums and blogs that I know, who dedicate a space for their new found Superhero. They even call themselves the Superfriends.(I actually replied in that forum and told them that I am a Superfriends too! Now I got a mail from the forum organizer and they want to know my whereabouts hehe)

Lesson for everyone last night. In competitions and most esp. in life, those who have the best chances of winning don't necessarily win. Those who have the skills, the talent, the winning package etc. etc., don't necessarily end up bringing home the bacon. Sometimes, luck plays a vital role. Timing I guess and a whole bunch of prayers.

You win some, you lose some (oftentimes, you lose the battle). But no matter what happens, you just have to do your best, exceed expectations and rise from the occasion. You may not win the top plum, but you'll win the respect of so many people around you.

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