Thursday, November 13, 2008

Melodiya's made to order masks

Masquerade was the theme of our Christmas Party last year (in the company where I use to work).Almost a year later, I just learned that my friend and colleague at work was making money out of these masks. Let's just call her Melodiya and she now has a stock room of masks which she sells over the internet. She also sells baby dresses and clothes.

The texts below can be found on her website:

One thing that make our mask special is that it's MADE TO ORDER and CUSTOMIZED. Unlike other masks around that is ready made which sometimes doesn't fit well to your face or colors doesn't match properly to your attire and are very common!

Here, you may find unique designs that will make you stand out from the crowd! Plus, if you can't find the right design for you on our gallery, you may send us a picture of your preferred design (free over the net) and we may replicate it for you! And there you go! you have your own unique and customized Masquerade mask!

We have different varieties of mask that varies on it's design and materials that would fit your budget. From simplest to more expensive and complicated designs. If you want a catalogue please fell free to contact us or leave a comment on our guest book and we'll be happy to send you our complete Mask Picture Gallery.

And now presenting some of the well-crafted masks that Melodiya sells:

You check out more of my friend's creations at


click said...
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click said...

Hey ely these pics you've posted are from our colleagues erik,rods,aliah and lucky. My original masks are posted on my site... thanks for featuring my website on your blog too. Let's hang out soon!