Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Want some beer?

I know you want you it. And I'm sure you'll be very very happy to have one glass of cold-chilling beer as the cold and freezin' Christmas season approaches. Beer warms you up. It uplifts your senses. It intoxicates and fills up and quench the thirst for happiness and satisfaction, even in just a few moments.

Unfortunately, the one your looking at ain't no beer my dear. It's actually a toilet bowl. Sorry for featuring this stinky and yucky spot, but I guess we all have to check some realities in our society. This toilet bowl is from a public restroom. And if your a Filipino, you know very well that this is not the only dirty bowl that you've seen in your entire life,when you go to some public places (even tourism spots at that).

I've read one survey before, that while foreigners love the warmth of the Filipino people and the beautiful spots found in the country, they kinda hate the humidity of the place and the poor infrastructure in most of our tourism places, which includes our small and (often) dirty comfort rooms.

Aren't comfort rooms supposed to give us a room for comfort? Why do Filipinos love to clean the facade of their place, the ones people would usually see and the ones visible to the eyes. Why don't we include cleaning up the hard to find places and the places that's hidden most of the time (like our toilet rooms).

Aren't we the greatest pretenders? Pretending that we're clean, when in fact there are so many garbages and dirts hidden within...I hope we can all clean up our acts.


Nai said...

LoL..you got me there bro'!

..reading up on your blog..

ayo ayo lang diha! :)

Mars said...

This grossed me out to the highest level. Haha! And I just had my dinner. Eeew!