Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And the best swimming pool goes to...

There are a handful of swimming pools and resorts in Davao City but I haven't seen the kind that would be able to compete with the ones we see in Cebu or within the vicinity of Mega Manila. There are those who captured my interest, but they are not just something that we can really boast or rave about. Either they are just too plain or the facilities aren't too inviting.

But that all change when I went to this new posh subdivision at Eden, Toril. Newly-established Villa De Mercedes just opened it's world-class infinity pool August this year and I am very lucky to be able to see and take a dip at the newest tourist attraction in the city.

Villa de Mercedes is an 8-hectare property, which maintains its natural east-sloping terrain, the waterways that caress the land and the vegetation at the banks of the waterways. At 535 feet above sea level, Villa de Mercedes offers a 360-degree panoramic view of Davao City, Mt. Apo, Davao Gulf, the Samal Island and Davao's city lights at night.

So imagine yourself soaking and indulging in the cool waters of the infinity pool and right in front is the view of the beautiful Davao Gulf...truly amazing...I just wish I could go back to this place and enjoy it's fantastic amenities again...

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