Monday, November 24, 2008

A healthy "yum-yum"alternative

One of the premiere cities in Southern Philippines is General Santos City or popularly known as "GenSan". It is not only known for it's economic boom in recent years or because of Manny "PacMan" Pacquiao, but also because of it's abundance of Blue Marlins or locally known as "Tuna".

I could still remember the times when my brother was working in a Tuna refinery here in Davao (Davao is just 3 hours away from GenSan). We would have a "Tuna Party" at home every weekend and it was truly heaven. Davao also produces a significant number of Tuna, but GenSan is still the "Tuna Capital" and nobody can dispute that.

Anyway, my friend Evan, another hometown hero of Gensan , just like PacMan (in another field though), has been marketing "tuna" products of Dadiangas for several years now. He is marketing different variety of tuna products innovated and created in the city itself. I once tasted this delicious meat alternative and it is really really good.

Check this long list of tuna alternatives available in his catalog: Tuna bola-bola (meat balls), Tuna burger patties, Tuna chorizo, Tuna embotido,Tuna garlic longganisa, Tuna nuggets,Tuna Shanghai rolls,Tuna soimai, Mahi Crazycut,Mahi fillet,Tuna belly,Tuna choppedmeat, Tuna crazy cut,Tuna cubes,Tuna groundmeat, Tuna medallion, Tuna Panga,Tuna Sashimi,Tuna steak and Tuna tail. If you ask me, that's a whole lot of tuna to choose from...

This is recommended to all those who are on diet but would still want to enjoy food trippin'. If you wanna try it,just e-mail Evan at this address:

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