Monday, November 17, 2008

Poi is on fiiiiyyyaaaahhhh.....

You know what Poi is? It is one of the "in" thing last summer.

If you can still remember Rachel "she-boom" Lobangco, a sexy star in the 90's - she has brought this Poi thing in the mainstream, wayback 2006. If I'm not mistaken she mentioned in one of her interviews that she learned this art of fire dancing when she was in Boracay. Yep, yep, Poi is actually Fire Dancing - the one we saw in Anne Curtis and Aga Muhlach's last movie "When Love Begins". Anne was a hot mama who danced and manipulated a string of rope with fire at the end.

To be strict about it, Poi is not actually fire dancing. It is actually juggling or manipulating objects using a rope. But Poi became more popular when it was incorporated with fire. There's just something about a flame of fire that intensifies one's feelings. It is captivating and very powerful. A hypnotizing scene especially when maneuvered by graceful and skilled dancers.In other words, "we all love to play with fire".

In several of our events, we've invited some Poi dancers to highlight our presentations. I've witnessed one when we staged the monthly finals of Calendar Girls and The Bachelor at Rizal Prom. I also witnessed a great spectacle from this amazing dancers during the opening of Villa de Mercedes.

Event Specialist, Graphic Artist, budding photographer and good friend Jay Olea took this amazing pictures during one of his events. Check this out!

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