Saturday, November 15, 2008

An old blog about a new mall

I wrote this blog July this year in my old friendster blog. I migrated to blogspot October this year. This blog is all about my sentiments about the new mall here in Davao City. I also talked about my childhood and the memories that go along with it. Abreeza by the way is the name of the new mall and it is Davao's version of Greenbelt in Manila, and DC's answer to Cebu City's Ayala Center. This one is much much bigger though. This 5 billion venture is made possible by Anflocor and Ayala Land.

This used to be my playground
I just learned recently that Ayala and Anflocor, is developing a land area infront of Redemptorist Church in Bajada, to be the next business haven of Davao. I’m sure everyone’s excited to see an Ayala Mall in the city. Probably by 2010, all roads will lead to this area, as it becomes an astonishing landmark of the city. Flashback -1996. This area used to be where we rent and operate a motor shop.

Oh yes! When that time comes, when I get to see Ayala Mall in it’s towering pride, when everything’s set , I’d probably still think that part of it is our family’s history. Part of it is where my mom and my brother tried their best to operate something and make it successful. Maybe, when the mall opens, I would still think of the business (that my dad financed), and which our family tried to run but unfortunately failed to flourish.

Speaking of motorshops, we also had a shop before in Bonifacio area which is a now a nursing
school. We also had an eatery in Ilustre area, which is a Persian Restaurant at the moment.

Change indeed is the only constant thing in this world, and I’m very happy to see all these changes coming, judging from all the developments, these places have gone through – it’s all worth it.

The only change that I’d probably have a problem accepting for now is the state of our
residential place before. We use to live in a compound, with my Uncles, Aunts, and Cousins. For me, the place was perfect. I use to think that our place is like a setting in a TV sitcom. We rented and developed that land into a home. We built its foundation. We propagated love (literally and figuratively). It is where I learned the value of family, of friendship. It is where I learned the essence of “Bayanihan”. It is where I spent my childhood.

Looking back, I could still see the faces of my friends and of my cousins, as we run
through the street playing all day long. In my mind, I was in our balcony at the second floor, recapturing the moment where I use to take some fresh air, enjoy sights of green trees, of chirping birds and seeing the happy faces of our neighbors.

Present time - 2008. I passed by the place again. Reality bites. What was left in that place, I use to call home, is a huge empty warehouse standing still.

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