Thursday, November 6, 2008

Things that craps out of my colleagues minds...tsk..tsk...

One distinct difference between men and women is that, even when men grow old they still remain to be young at heart. They tend to hold on to the wonderful years they've had as a child. Men still play toys, you know. I still have to look for ladies who still collect Barbie Dolls and play along with it.

Boys will be boys, and even if they grow older, they'd still remain, that same boy who would fight over their robots and car collection with their brothers and cousins.

You know what, there's even a whole community of Big Boys who spend on some expensive collectible toys in this city. They even had their very first toy convention this year (hehehhe), last Kadayawan, and I know some of them.

I want to share this toy collections of my colleagues at work. Yes, they hold some important post in our company, but man! they still love to hold and play with their toys at home. Incidentally their first names start with letter A...hmmm..A for Autistic or Abnormal (just kidding!)

Anyway, here are some of their tiny winy things that craps out of their minds, 24/7. And to tell you honestly, I kinda like it, I just can't afford to shell out a hundred or a thousand bucks for some damn toy. Well let's just enjoy and envy my friends' slickin' shimmerin' toys.

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