Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A sure fire song

As I've said before, only this year that I got my eyes set on Sponge Bob, Patrick, Squidword and the rest of the Bikini Bottom peepz.I use to wonder, how come kids and adults alike love Sponge Bob so much. Now that I'm hook, I know for a fact that I am Sponge Bob in so many ways. So persistent, an attention-seeker yet so innocent at heart (aheemmm). I am also keen about music and this song which was featured in their camping episode was something that I haven't seen in any cartoon. It's really a sure-fire, hilarious song that made me and my nieces burst to laughter and made us think how genius the creators are for this cartoon series. I'd like to share the "Camp Fire Song Song", which I truly like and which I hoped you'd get to like as well in time. (I just hated the fact that Youtube uploaders has to speed up or slow down this song due to copyright infringement - duh it's just a song that people should get to enjoy!)

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