Friday, May 22, 2009

Hayden, Katrina & Torrent

I'm so proud of myself! I have just downloaded Torrent and Hayden & Katrina's sex video. I did all that by just reading (actually scanning and browsing)some instructions.

Apart from being a tech-junkie, I have always been hesitant to learn something new and the procrastination to follow step-by-step procedures. The "flesh" did not procrastinate this time though, all because the task this time has something to do with flesh too.

Anyway, I have the videos saved and I won't be sharing it. I'll be keeping it to myself.

Well here's my tidbits about this whole sex scandal brouhaha.
1.) Hayden Kho, may have the most innocent face there is on earth, but looks can be deceiving indeed.
2.)Maricar Reyes and not Katrina Halili, should be crowned, the sexiest Pinay alive as of the moment.
3.)We reap what we sow - Katrina fooled around on a guy who is openly attached to someone and Hayden played fire and have it recorded, it boomeranged on him big time!
4.)Hayden, is a perv and so are we(especially those who opened this blog through a search engine link, because they are obviously looking for a Hayden and Katrina vid ;) kidding!)
5.)It's high time to look into this very huge problem of promiscuity among kids of this generation.

Yes! we may have eluded movie producers and would-be sexy starlets (including Katrina) from creating non-sense,soft porn films, but kids today have resorted to something worse - creating their own porn flicks. With the proliferation of camera phones, laptops and digital cams, we have become our very own producers, directors and stars.

So it's not unusual to see scandals all over. The bad thing is that we even have rape and gang rape vids all over the web. This is indeed the worst thing to have happened to technology. The problem is we treat women lowly in these cases. Even blaming the girl for the sad plight that has occurred to her. It's high time our society take these things with maturity. I still have to see the likes of Hayden go to jail for making voyeurism a hobby and promiscuity a habit. I would want to see one day, all the kids who have abused technology in the expense of others behind bars. That would be cool!

Well for now, I'll have to check the Brazilian Model's take on Hayden. Ciao!

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