Tuesday, December 2, 2008

For Real

December 1 is World AIDS Day. Truth is, this day doesn't hold much weight on me. In fact I just treat this as an ordinary day. When I think about this day, I'd usually associate it as the official start of Christmas, of merrymaking and of prepping up for the big day.

I haven't really thought of December 1 as a meaningful day, not until yesterday. December 1 this year, is very significant because this year I just found out that the dreaded disease everybody has long ignored is indeed real and can attack to anyone, even to the most genuine and kind-hearted person.

This year I learned that a friend was diagnosed with HIV. It was one of the most terrifying news I've received for years. I never thought that it would happen to someone so nice and so religious. To someone who has so many dreams in life. To someone who is so optimistic and positive. I know it exists. I know it can happen to anyone, any gender, any race, any age...but it is still different when it's in front of you, when it's someone you know who's affected.

Life must go on...that's what my friend says. Indeed, life must go on...right now we never even discuss the disease and thought of the whole scenario as start of a better, more meaning life...but despite my friend's positive outlook, I still see and I can tell...there's a certain sadness that crippling within... I can see those eyes are filled with loneliness and regrets...I know that deep within my friend's heart is crying for a fervent prayer and the hope that everything will be alright and that the disease would all be healed....

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Alec said...

World Aids Day

Attention all beauty queens: Please practice safe sex or no sex at all. Thank you.