Sunday, December 7, 2008

PacMan Did It Again!

Okay so Manny Pacquiao won. I was hoping he won't coz if he'll win (which he already did) then again his already blown up head would go huge and huge again (that's the speculations about him). Then he'll have all the reason in the world to do whatever he likes. I just want to put a stop on this PacMan invasion of the entertainment industry. Please dear Lord, I hope Manny won't record another song...I hope he won't be hosting a TV show or appear in it...I hope he won't be paired up with Ruffa Mae Quinto again in a commercial...And please no more Manny interview in's just super duper over grover to the highest level annoying!

And PacMan please don't ever think of 2010 again. I hope there'll be Cha-cha and it would specifically bar someone like Pacquiao to run in a public office post.

Anyway, enough of my thoughts about this recent win, let me share to you some of my friends' thoughts about the PacMan-Dela Hoya fight through their facebook account statuses:
1. Richard Pacana saw Oscar giving up against the Pac-Man!
2. Ai Zubiri : Manny rocks! ^_^.
3. BriDex Medija : Pinoy lefthook beats chest over downed and bloodied boxing heartthrob.
4. Alritz Lucero is celebrating Pacman's victory..woohoooo....
5. Celeste Sampaga will not say anything about Manny Pacquiao's win over Oscar dela Hoya! (merely coz i have nothing to

Now check out some nice pics from PEX:

On a positive note, I would like to thank PacMan, for giving every Filipinos an early Christmas gift. Thank you for making my neighbors oh-so-happy. I've never heard them scream and shout for joy for so so long...Thanks for making my dad smile...Thanks for making so many Pinoys richer today (esp. those who bet on you)...You are legend now...Thank you for making us all proud and for taking the Philippines back in to the map of boxing, you're indeed the true "Mexecutioner"...Mabuhay ka PacMan!

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The Fitness Diva said...

wow, he won!

What is Oscar going to do now??? :O