Monday, December 29, 2008

2009 FHM Calendar Girls

Cristine Reyes of Eva Fonda fame and the ever-controversial Katrina Halili made year 2008 steamy hot when they graced FHM Calendar Mag. It's one of the best-selling calendars in years and I guess, it would be hard to replicate it's success for now.

Anyway, you might be wondering what's next for FHM. What's up for them for 2009. The question remains, who will be this year's Calendar Girls, who will fulfill our monthly fantasies and will make our whole year 2009 sizzling hot.

Apparently a friend sent me an e-mail containing never-before seen pics of the upcoming FHM Calendar for 2009. This is supposed to be confidential and exclusive and FHM wouldn't want this to be published yet. Unfortunately, due to fast technology, photosharing and the magic of the world wide web, these pics have leaked and cracked as early as now.

Presenting this year's FHM Calendar for 2009. Enjoy!

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