Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Remembering Jeag

This sums up everything I felt about her untimely death. I'll miss you Jeag-jeag.

I always wanted to write something about her,of how she changed my life completely,especially my daily routine,how she would wake me up at a very early hour,kisses me in the cheek every day and then how she would lead me to an early morning walk.I could still recall how I met her,it was September 08,2008.,during Joey's birthday,she wiggled her tail towards me and I then told them that I’d be happy to have her and take care of her.After a month they finally gave her to me and I named her Jeag(which stands for Jovito,Ely,Annie,Gina)she was never a bother to me,she’s so cuddly and I must say far from the dogs that I had before.It even amazes me how she would go near the electric fan and have it all to her self.

Since she came into my life, my days become more fascinating and colorful,she is such an adorable creature and I have lots of plans for my little jeag.Whenever I travel,she’s always with me,but when she’s not allowed to go with me like in the malls or when I watch movies,she’s left in our room,but,always a behaved puppy she is.She would wait for me near the door and would signal for a hand shake when I come home.,then we would cuddle in the bed and she would kiss me like a little girl would do to her dad.she has brought so much joy to me.

Yesterday(December 14,2008)she was taken away from me,she died at 5:40pm after 3 days of continued vommiting.it all started when I took her to the city vet to have her anti rabies vaccination,she was well at first,then came the first day of vommiting and she find dont want to take any foods,thats the time that I started to worry.so I went to the vet and they told me to give her paracetamol and hydrite.she wouldnt take the medicine so I keep on telling her to fight for her life because christmas is near and I dont want to have my sad christmas.,she would even listen to what I am saying,neighbors did came by to have a look at my sick little jeag,especially aunt Jenny who is a dog lover and who also love jeag.afternoon came by and jeag becomes weaker and then I convince myself to let go of her but half of my mind says no,she will survive,but then there I saw her lifeless body,no longer breathing,maybe she have listened to what I have said that if she can’t wait till christmas then its time to let go and I would let go of her too.

Now Im still mourning for her death while I am writing this blog,I missed her,text messages from friends and emails came flooding in,sending their condolences.it made me realized that jeag somewhat changed their lives too in a way.I guess I’ll go crazy,as I woke up today,it pains my heart to know that she’s no longer there to wake me up and kisses me in my check,and lead me to our daily routine,reality is screaming that she is gone,it hurts,it cuts like a knife,if only I could turned back time,I would,just to have her again.Jeag,my baby,you will always be remembered and loved.



Alec said...

Sometimes i can still hear her bark. i think she misses you guys.

sean said...

alec...ur just hallucinating...that was actually ur crush who looks like a gang member...without any breeding...

jones said...

i know how it feels like to lose someone dear. My dogk, a chow chow, fought for his life twice and thankfully he is still alive. When he was still a pup, he almost died from Distemper. But my PaoPao was a fighter and even the vets where amazed how he survived it. Months later he again proved to be a fighter when he survived a virus that causes them to poop blood and continuous vomiting. After these illnesses my dog faced, he is proving that he is a sentinel and that we will be together until we grow old.