Thursday, December 18, 2008

What I want this Christmas....

This blog entry is specifically made to my Manito or Manita for this year.

Well our company has our own Kris Kringle, so as to feel the essence of sharing and giving this "Crisismas" (Crisis Christmas). We've had several themes up for grabs for the last 3 weeks. Our first Kris Kringle is "Long and Soft", then we proceeded to "Long and Soft", then last week it was "Wet and Slimy". Our HR Supervisor is actually the one who thought of all this naughty themes, so we have to blame the "double-meaning", pornographic sets on him.

Anyway, I have 5 things in mind for my final gift, which will be given on the 22nd. I heard my Manito or Manita is asking what's my wishlist for this year.

Well here are some of the things that I'd like to have this year:

1. An e=mc2 cd by Mariah Carey. It's one of the best CD's of the year, but I still don't have an original copy of it. My nieces and nephews would be very happy to have a copy of this.
2. A USB, would be a very very nice option.
3. I'd also love to have a new shirt. I'm a minimalist, so the less the design the better.
4. Sporty shorts would be a nice selection. The one that I can use whenever I stroll in the mall or go somewhere else.
5. A personal kit (a.k.a.toiletries)would also be nice (that consists of facial wash, shampoos, body scrub, towels, creams, lotions, toothpaste, mouthwash). Anything that would make me clean and feel better.

That's it. Got that? ;)

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