Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Unusual Fanatics

When we think about showbiz fanatics we usually have in mind screaming young girls who has placards and sampaguita with them, waiting for their idols to come out after a teeny-booper performance in a mall or in a concert venue. Well some of them are paid for, but most of them are really really passionate about their idols. In the 80's and 90's, fans would usually bombard broadway centrum to see Sheryl Cruz or Manilyn Reynes sing their latest hits and get an up close and personal encounter with their dream boys and girls. Fans of rival artists would frequent radio programs solely dedicated to this type of entertainment and they would collect magazines and newspapers to further support their movie and tv darlings.

In the new millenium, that craze hasn't really faded. It just went cyber this time. So you have pinoyexchange, starmometer, pep, tagpuan and the notorious showbizjuice website, where fans spend time defending their idols and petitioning for several changes and helping shaping up the entertainment industry. Even personal blogs and social networking sites have become a favorite haven for fans.

My apologies for being to blunt about it, but I think it's safe to say that showbiz fanatics (particularly that of local showbiz) are stereotyped as low-class individuals who has nothing much to do but bum around, watch television all day, collect mags and go surf the net and check the latest update of their favorite artists.

But wait, would you believe that there are actually young achievers out there who are so inclined about local showbiz and have their televisions glued all day on either the Kapamilya or Kapuso station? We would usually imagine Dean's lister students watch the National Geographic Channel, CNN and collect maybe intellectually stimulating novels and readings right?

But what if I tell you that there's actually bright and intellectually -gifted sisters who have been a big big fan of local showbiz. They're so glued on local showbiz you wouldn't believe that they are actually honor students and young achievers. Their huge collection of magazines and gossip papers doesn't really fit their status in school and in the community. But Weng and Rhea doesn't really care what others think about them. Weng and Rhea's much treasured collection is their Star Studio Magazine collection started in 2005 and they intend to continue the collection until there's SSM in the market. So from 2005 up until today, sisters Weng (an Events Specialist and a frequent Dean's Lister in college) and Rhea (now a College Teacher and a Magna Cum Laude/CPA Board Exams Topnotcher), have been collecting Star Studio Mag.

They even kid around that if there'll be an accidental fire in their place (God Forbid), their Star Studio Mag collection would be one of the first stuff that they'll save. Truly a fanatic huh! Anyway, that delights them and that makes them happy and fulfilled, so who are we to judge? I even have friends who has a huge collection of FHM mags (and we don't wanna know what they do about that collection right?). Let's just enjoy their SSM collection in this pics. (By the way, they don't lend their copies to just anyone. If you actually want to see the latest issue or backtrack on some SSM faves, you have to go to their place and ask permission first. That's how they treasure these mags;)

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Alec said...

We should condemn these people. Collecting magazines means sacrificing more and more trees. Remember, we only have one planet. Where will these celebrities live then if we destroy Earth?