Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pacman was knocked out

Okay so Manny Pacquiao is the King of the World. He is everywhere. He is so famous nowadays and his win over Oscar "Golden Boy" Dela hoya just made him the most formidable boxer at these times. Pacman era has just started indeed.

But would you believe that the strong and steel-fisted Pacman was once knocked out? In this youtube video, watch how Manny rolled over after his opponent boxed him out at his tummy. This is definitely the moment that Pacman haters have been waiting for. But unfortunately (or fortunately, depends on what side are you) Pacman is at his peak and he is just reaping the rewards of hard-core trainings and years of practice. I think it would take 4-5 years before Pacman's strength wane and drain.

Would you believe that his opponent here is just a selling goodies on the streets nowadays? I think he could be a possible boxing superstar if he only pursued and continued the dream.

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